What is Gyan?

Gyan is the eternal light which cools your brain, soothes your soul, controls your thoughts, heart, acts and activities. It enlightens you and your thoughts become pure.

In previous post, I have quoted a verse from Shrimad Bhagavada Gita, thus I would like to continue discussion on Gita here.

A question would come why I choose Gita as the seed of knowledge and not any other book or purana or veda? The reason is described in Bhagavada Veda’s first 3 shlokas. These shlokas are telling about those enlightened souls who have spent time in understanding Gita. In this universe if you closely look at each books, items, objects or each atom you will find that these elements dont enlighten you. You cant compare stone or glass with real gem. Same way you cant compare knowledge derived from the above listed elements with Gita. Only Gita tells you what you should be, what you should do, why you should do, when you should do. Though it is an ancient literature, it is the only literature which only helps you, guides you, enlightens you in each and every situations even today itself. Can you remember, dear reader, any book which is such ancient and enlightens you? All 4 vedas and other purans talks or provides knowledge on either what you should do or what you should be or why you should do or when you should do or how you get enlighten. But no literature combines all these topics or questions in one piece and guides you to enlightenment.

What I learned after reading first three chapters….

Knowledge is the first thing you learn, knowledge is what you bring on earth and what you take when you leave this body.  But you are unable to touch that eternal light until you become devotee of that knowledge. But we are unable to become devotee of knowledge and live life like animals. Yes, do you think within your self, what makes you different from animals? I am sure, you all would say, what a foolish question. But a person without having knowledge or person who is devotee of knowledge is more like animal. They get up when sun reaches earth, go to work place to find bread, eat food, get back home and rest. Isn’t these all done by animals as well. Man plough field and cultivate grain. But blindly follow the old technique. Same way animal roam here and there to get food.

If you say you are better than animal as you are able to plough field then let me put a point here to prove that you are like animal, do you think you took some fruit from soil but didnt get that soil back what it needs? You know that you need water to cultivate, but do you enlighten yourself to store water? When I will raise questions like this, you will say, I am alone and cant do any thing without help of others or Government. But you will not get up to answer my above questions. You try to shelter yourself behind such black stones and get away from knowledge.

People are aware what they are doing is not they should do? Their inner consciousness directs them the way to knowledge, enlighten them, but those who are trapped in the web of ignorance and misapprehension choose not to follow the path of knowledge. I would say ignorance is a chronic diseases. Ignorance towards one truth (Knowledge/fact) closes your door to other truth.

How? Its like, when a child looks at different objects, first of all it stores images of those objects in his brain. After coming in contact with those objects for few times. He becomes familiar with that object. His brain now have fixed that object’s image in his brain, but without name. You can see that his initial ignorance is gone now and he will ask you what is this object? You will name that object and he will store that name in his brain. But before that he will store the pronunciation you gave him. So initial knowledge led to the second level where he named that object and now to the third level where he will store and recall whenever he will see that object again. In the next step he will compare that object with other surrounding objects. He will try to find difference between them and then ask you a new question. This process continues till he stops asking question.

So the core thought is……

  • Knowledge is the only way to enlighten life, ie, a way to reach Supreme you
  • It distinguishes you from other creatures, ie, makes you men.
  • Your inner self encourages you to get knowledge, ie, always be a child
  • You should be always active to get knowledge, ie, keep digging
  • Your misapprehension stops your progress, ie, makes you dumb and leads to death.

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