What is Gita?

Before answering this question, I would briefly narrate my experience.  I was a teenager waiting for my graduation results when I happen to receive a currier of ISCON temple containing Prasadam, CD and some other material. My father is used to give donations to temple every year. I opened the packet and was delighted to find CD. I wished to listen and or view the material in the CD. With eager hands I placed that CD in my computer, which i love most, and started enjoying verses of Gita. From that day, I use to listen Gita everyday. Till I got some odd job and admission in post graduation. I use to listen it almost for half of the day. I would admit here, I fell in love with the 10th chapter and unknowingly I started to follow that chapter. Learned ways to meditate. Honestly, it use to give me a lot of piece and enjoyment. Gradually with hectic schedules I was unable to grab that CD. But fortunately I managed to return back to Gita. I would term it as my mother here. And for how many days a mother can remain away from her child?

While I returned back. I learned meaning of Gita and felt like being grown-up. It showed me path in my life. It became my teacher and showed me a new world of knowledge, eternal light, full of peace and happiness. After knowing this world, I was surprised to find why I was not able to touch that world earlier when I use to listen Gita every day? Gita answered all my such questions. Though I say I learned a lot from Gita, I feel like its just 0.005% of what Gita can teach one.

What is Gita?

If you go with the meaning of the word, Gita, means song. In sanskrit, Geet, means, a song. Bhagavad means fortune or fortune maker. Thus, Bhagavad Gita in whole, means, the Song which tells the glory of fortune maker, or the glory of lord.


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