In the previous post of “What is Love?” I had written about what normally people think on love and the power of love. Its clear that when you say, you are in love all your strengths are at your peek and you give you 100%.

Before I list down what love is, according to various famous personalities. I would like to list down my own thoughts here. The reason is, I am no where near to them in thoughts and can stand besides them also in thoughts.

Me and Love::

In adolescent days, I use to cry in corner, thinking I am alone. I dont have any one to love me. My father use to remain in tour and I was unable to see him. So when every child use to see father in the evening returning from office or work, I use to wait for my dad to return. When some one use to scold me I use to think, if dad would be here, they would have not dared to scold me. I dont want to tell my history here.

Slowly I grew and now I was with my dad. But yet I feel alone. I use to write poems filled with loneliness. Some years passed and one day, I was away from parents. That day, I realized What is home, What is being alone. I realized the true meaning of being alone. Spending couple of days in that pain. That now I am not with them, with whom I was earlier and become more alone. I was in a state of utter pain. This painful situation draw me in a state where I was neither in pain nor in happiness. A neutral state. Spending some time in this neutral state. Suddenly I realized that I am not alone. Some one was with me. Who was that “Someone”?. Oh!!! I was me. YES, IT WAS ME. I was with me.

In these many years, I was thinking of being alone, later thinking of dying. AND SUDDENLY I WAS NOT ALONE. I, MYSELF WAS WITH ME. This, myself, filled me with happiness and joy. HURRAY!!  I am no more alone. Each and every one in this world leaves you. Be it mother, father, friends, sister, brother, daughter, son, husband all leaves you alone and finds their way. But ME, MYSELF, never makes me alone. Me, Myself, is always there to show way, guide, laugh with me, cry with me. This very me, shares each and every feeling of mine. It accepts me in the form and nature I am. It never criticizes me, never hurts me, listens me with patients and guides me all the time. OH!! How fool I was, I spent years find a companion, a lover and a partner who will share my feelings and take away my loneliness.

From that very day, I WAS IN LOVE. Ofcourse, the one whom I love is, myself.

Neither me nor myself is demanding any thing in this love. We simply love each other. We simply love being each other. After all what we are expecting from our lover?

  • Accept us what we are
  • Listen to us carefully
  • Care for us
  • Think for us
  • Be with us in all the situation
  • Share our tears and joy

I got all from myself. And so I fell in love with me.

QUESTION:: But a man and a woman at a certain age needs some thing more than what I stated earlier. What about that?

I was being asked this question by many people, young and aged. Upon hearing this question from aged people, I just smiled and upon hearing this question from young people I felt petty on them.

Let me put here, why? Aged people yet were not able to understand the meaning of love. And young people dont have time to think what is love. Both the age group people think love is just having sex with each other. Can a such a simple physical activity be love? Then you can term prostitutes in love with their male partners. Am I not true?

ANSWER:: I cant term physical relationship as love. Love is the food of soul, it enlightens your soul, your brain and an enlightened brain enlightens life. Where as getting into sex is just pleasing your body. Which itself is not yours. You will leave this body when you are leaving this world. Every time you have sex you not be satisfied, you will not be happy and you will wonder for happiness and peace. But when you are in love, you will feel fully satisfied, you will not wonder for happiness and peace. You will get all that from love.

Getting into physical relationship pleases your senses and not your soul. And if you term physical relationship as love, then I will sure you term you SICK. Mentally sick person, whose senses are hungry and wondering every where sniffing for physical pleasure.

But if you are looking for eternal peace and true love but unable to understand what is love and then term that physical relationship is part of love. Then I would say, you are illiterate and need some education, help to know what exactly love is.

Dont ask me to define love. As I cant define love. Love is boundary less, definition less, which can not be put in one form. It gives pleasure to soul and when soul is happy, happiness of mind and body becomes neutral or you can say they get automatically satisfied. Its this supreme soul which tells mind and body what is love and dedicates them.

Read further what Gandhi, Vivekananda, Osho and other tell about love…..


One comment on “Loveriya

  1. I think love is very important part of our life and plays very important role in our lives. It either makes us strong or gives us strength to face anything in life if we lose to whom we love.

    As far as sex is concerned it has own reason to be there , may be for women it is more emotional and for male more of physical.

    Both in life both things are having there own needs and place.

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