Will you marry me?

Let me describe the scene here,

the first instance when boy will see girl who have come to her place, he will look at the FIGURE, if he is fast and smart he will quickly measure her. As if he is going to be her tailor. Then he will turn his eyes and look at other people. But with cross eyes, he will closely measure each and every inch of that girl’s body. Seriously, can’t figure out whether he would like to be his husband or tailor.

Then when they are left alone to talk, share their views. His first question will be

“how are you?” as if he is blind,

“whats your name, though I have read your biodata, it would be good to hear your name from you”,  are you checking whether she remembers her name or not.

“Whats your qualification”. He would have read her qualification in biodata number of times along with her name, but still he will ask this funny question.

“What was your medium of education”, people either study in English or Gujarati (local language of Gujarat).

“How many percentage did you get in your high school, graduation and post graduation if done?” as if he is going to hire her in his office.

“Whats your favorite color?”, if she is going to name the color will you paint your house in that color or color yourself in that color so that she chooses to marry you.

If the girl is working then “where do you work” again a silly question, he would have read her office name number of times and would have discussed about her office with his friends, but as if he is ignorant he will ask the question.

“Since how long do you work there”, seriously there arises a doubt whether, boy wants to give her job or want to marry her.

“Do you know how to cook”, if the girl would say “no” will you become cook for him and if she will say “yes” will you appoint her as cook.

“Will you be able to live in joint family”, now this is a really funny question, his mother would have fought with his father to have a separate house but he wants his wife to live in joint family.

If the girls says “yes” his nerves will be pulled and instantly he will ask “do you think you will be able to manage everyone in the house”, as if he is considering his family members as horrible people and as if he is trying to judge her team management skills. But if the girl says “no” he will instantly ask with a smile on face “do you have any question for me”, as if he would have won the battle.

This is not the case with only boys,

there are girls who ask such silly questions, “whats your name”,

“do you smoke” if the boy says “yes”, she will instantly say, “I hate smokers and a big story of why she hate smokers”, if he will say “no”, she will say “smoking makes a man macho”.And I doubt she knows what it means to be “macho”.

Then she will ask “whats your income”, depending on the figure she will calculate the figure she can get from him for her expenses on clothes, beauty parlor, trips, and many unnecessary expenses. If the income is less all her dreams to rob him will break like a glass and her face will become pale.

All the time looking at his face and figuring out what he is taking note of, if he catches his eyes wandering on her dress,

she will immediately ask “which kind of dress you would like your wife to wear” depending on the answer her facial expressions will vary giving a feel of hot summer, happy winter and wet monsoon.

Finally, if both are through with such silly questions or bored with each other, they will get out of the room and point out each other’s weakness and reject the offer of marriage.

Have you noticed, neither the boy nor the girl asks any meaningful question.

Neither of them took a note of family background of each other, neither of them tried to find what is other’s view about their partner and how honest they are.

All such girls and boys, took note of physical beauty, monetary strength to decide their partner.

I am asking a simple question to such folk….

If you are looking for a person whose earns a big amount of money than your dad earns, so that you can get more money to spend on your unproductive activities, then why are you marring a human being why dont you marry a bank account or an ATM machine or a bank?

If you are looking for a person who can cook for your family, take care of your family members and fulfill your physical desire, do all this in best possible manner then why do you marry to a person from well to do family why dont you marry to a servant or a robot or some angel or some one who is out of this world?

In Short EXPECTATIONto get money from either girl or boy

EXPECTATIONto get physical pleasure

EXPECTATIONto get a wife like mother

EXPECTATIONto get a husband like dad

EXPECTATIONto get a beauty like Miss World or Miss Universe

EXPECTATIONto get a handsome like some Movie Actor

and any such expectation is not marriage.

Marriage is much more than these expectations. Its a special relationship where you open doors of your heart for some unknown person, you live for some unknown person, be part of that unknown person’s life and together bring family and society up. How that is possible?

Like any relationship, marriage also requires you to give some thing and in return (normal human tendency) you need something.

If only one shoulder is taking care of house, house will not sustain. Both male and female should be aware of their responsibilities.


6 comments on “Will you marry me?

  1. Hey, Sounds good for the unmarried people they will get the best ideas what to ask and what to not… for me marriage is a one soul two bodies ….but now a days it is lost ….best is NOT TO MARRY and enjoy the best..

    • yes madam, that is the reason, i had to write this long post. If people understand the meaning of marriage then this post of my will be just a page on internet which will occupy some space some where.

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  3. nice post,could be a eye opener for boys n gals , plp dese days have become so materialistic about everything and lost the true essence of love ,i think Expecting less and loving more will make our life more happier

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