Views on Hanuman Chalisa

A song which contains 40 verse is Chalisa. Any such song containing 40 verses sung for any God/Goddess becomes his/her Chalisa.

In this blog I have listed Hanuman Chalisa earlier. This song has become famous and sung by many people today to get blessings of Hanuman, who is known as the form of lord Shiva, who came on earth to server Rama, the form of Lord Vishnu.

Astrologers today recommend almost all to recite this song atleast thrice a day.

This song is composed of  “Doha” and “Chaupai”. Doha


10 comments on “Views on Hanuman Chalisa

  1. hanuman chalisa was composed by tulsidas.. my a friend of mine wants an amendment.. in the verse ‘SADA RAHO RAGHUPATI KE DASA’ he wants it to be written ‘SADA RAHO RAGHUPATI KE KHASA’ i cant ask frm tulsidas since u ve written this blog, i ask u, wat u say

    • Sir, Hanuman considered him as Dasa of Ram while Ram considered him as Khasa. Hanuman took birth on this earth to serve Ram. I am not that capable person who can change work of Tulsidasji. But I want your friend to consider one thing, all devotees of God be it Radha, Tulsidas, Narshimehta all considered themselves as Dasa. Mother Tersa considered herself as a pen of God. What does it mean? Can we say she considered herself as servant of God?
      Dasi bhav, the feeling to pray God as servant, is one of the way to serve God, pray God. Word could be any but the feeling will be the same.

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