Ashraya Dosha — Part 2

In the previous post you learnt about few habit of ours or most of us. Here you will learn how these habits leads you to Ashraya Dosha.

1) Type of Food:– The food which you eat turns into blood in your body. This blood nourishes each and every body part. One of the important part of your body is your brain, which controls your thoughts, behavior and your activities. Impurities in food effects the creation of blood. Let the scientists comment on how impurities affect creation of blood?

Let me continue here with the main topic, do you remember why our grandparents insist on getting good food? If not, they were aware of the fact that good food can make a healthy body and brain. Do you notice, our grandparents at the age of 90 was able to do their work on their own. Many was able to walk without support and needed glasses very late, while today, a child of class 1st, ie, 6-7 years need glasses and shout with body pain at night.

Believe it or not, it is because of food. Stale food, Rotten food contains germs, these germs make the food impure (Dushita). In ancient time, till the age of our grandparents, before serving food to house members, food was being served to God. Every house use to have a small temple or statue of God in their house. Where they use to serve food before serving to other members of house. Today hardly we follow this. In order to serve food to God, you should choose best vegetables. If you keep this religious part away, the best vegetables you choose was consumed by members of family. Which was building their health. And a healthy family builds healthy society.

According to Gita, Tulsidas and people like him, God is no where else, he is in you, a healthy body, a healthy soul and a healthy soul is the place of God.

If you forget this, you get impurities in your blood. This impure blood makes your thoughts impure. Will tell you later how?

2) Method of Cooking:– Do you remember our grandma use to take special care to preserve food, while cutting vegetables she use to keep her complete concentration on vegetables and use to take care to pick smallest weeds, insects or any unwanted particle from vegetables and pulses.

But I have seen many don’t dare to clean vegetables before cutting. Don’t you know that there could be pesticides on the skin of vegetables which goes in your stomach and may fall you sick? Many don’t lend eyes on leaves of certain vegetables and cut them blindly. Can’t you see or are you such lazy that you can’t notice, left overs of insects on leaves, half eaten leafs by insects? Many would tell me, who care of it, its a small thing, why do we waste time in it, we have number of work to do.

You get water on your door step, vegetables on your door step, you have oven to cook food, servants to clean house, air conditioner to chill. Did your grandma had all these facilities, still she use to take care of cleanliness. She was not going to job but she was required to take food to field on time. Don’t you remember?

Keeping that aside, food containing weeds, insects cooked together with food, left overs cooked with food spoil your health and your family member health. God (which I will refer here as your good thoughts) will not be happy with such food. If no evil thought come to you, you are trapped in Ashraya Dosha.

3) Place of Cooking:– Do you remember how our grandma use to cook food? She use to first clean kitchen, wipe floor with mud (ancient houses had floors made of mud + cow dung), then she use to take bath, put on fresh clothes, clean vegetables, pulses, clean utensils used for cooking food, clean wood used in fire. And remember she would have brought water after taking bath. While cooking she will not touch anyone who has not taken bath nor even let kids or people walk in the kitchen. Do you remember how tasty that food was? yummy, yummy… Right?

But today what we do, we don’t even clean our platform or stove which we use to cook food. In some house, women don’t even wipe out floor from the platform or stove for whole year till Diwali and keep on cooking or sometimes till they change house. Do you know how many insects would pill up on this dirty place? Do you know how many infections you will invite through such poor platforms? Some are lazy and some don’t have time and some simply don’t like this job.

Food cooked in such place is offered to your body (which I will refer here as God). If you look at such place, you start commenting and making publicity of such house and lady without looking at yourself and even advice others not to eat that house. If you avoid such place, then how God (evil thoughts) can come to you? If no evil thought come to you, you are trapped in Ashraya Dosha.

4) Place of Serving Food and Plate:– The environment where you eat food also affects your thinking and attitude. Many don’t use their eyes before the take food in their plate and start eating food. I have observed in many houses people wash vessels and keep them out in sun or wherever they wash them. Don’t dare to dry them and arrange them at place. They will arrange all vessels at the end of the day or sometimes whenever required. After all they would be missing their favorite (stupid type) daily soaps or would be getting late to chat with friend or getting late to reach office. Such left out vessels are prone to attract germs. HOW? If vessels are left out, they will attract animals like cats or dogs or monkey to lick them. Such animals would leave back germs on these vessels. As you would have removed all leftovers from the vessels, you usually never think of cleaning them (again you would be hurry in reach out daily soap or friends or office).

Now it is seem many don’t think of cleaning place at which they take food. If it would be floor (ancient style) then without thinking about the floor and using eyes to notice dirt on floor, plate would be placed and food would be served. If its dinning table we don’t think of cleaning the mats. I have heard people telling, “XYZ, we don’t find any dirt, it all happens, we are busy and we don’t have time to do such things, we will inform servant.” and some would say “one day we are going to get mixed in this mud, mud is everywhere, outside body and inside body, let it be there”. I would say GREAT PEOPLE.

Then comes the clothes of cook and the person who serves. If its house or hotel, both cook and serve if both are different or same person, they should think of cleaning clothes before cooking and serving. If is seen that many people wipe their hands with clothes while cooking. And many GREAT ladies clean many things with that “pallu of sari” (an edge of Sari) and then when cooking clean hands and vessels with that “pallu” (remembering those scenes make me feel vomit at this moment).

Again I would say, if you are cooking food for GOD (here I refer it as your body) then don’t you think, food should be of good quality? Don’t you think, the method of cooking should maintain quality? and Don’t you think the place where you eat food and the plate you use should be clean and pure?

Bhajans — Lata Mangeshkar

Comments:: Poet pleads Krishna not to leave them and go. Cows are not able to eat, no one is there to play exotic tunes on flute, green grass has become pale with pain, please don’t leave us and go.

Bhajans – Lata Mangeshkar

Comment:: Where are you searching me, I am with you, in you, I am not in Kailash, Kabaa, I am not in Mandir/Temple, Masjid. I am not dharmi nor adharmi, he is not saint nor he have family. He is not lord nor he is servant. He is no where, he is in you.

What a true word of Tulsidasji, don’t search him anywhere he is in you, he is with you. If you understand this and remember no need to tell about who is God where is God? 🙂

Ashraya Dosh

What is Ashraya and What is Ashraya Dosh? How it affects any individual and community in whole?

These were questions when I first learned years back about ashraya. Simple meaning of Ashraya is Shelter and Dosh means Fault. Now the question comes is, is it the fault of the person who gives you shelter? or fault from taking shelter from wrong person? But the term “Ashraya Dosh” is not exactly related to shelter, it is related to our food habits, cooking of food, place where we eat food, method we used to cook food. Thus it is related to dosha which we fall into through food we take.

First let me explain how one falls in this dosha.

First thing we need to take into notice is which kind of food we bring in our house? Many of us or most of us, go to market, look for cheap vegetables and bring that home. Some time or most of the time people go to the market when its time to close market. At that time vendor would be closing his shop and would be interested in selling remaining vegetables at the lowest cost you ask. You will be able to buy the bulk in a low cost. Isn’t it? You bring that bulk home with happy face. Right?

Second thing to notice is the method of cooking. Some times or many of us cut vegetables first and then clean them, Right? While cutting vegetables we would be busy watching our favorite show on Television, Right? In that important show where in-law would be harassing a poor lady, we might cut some worms as well or forget to remove weeds from the vegetable, have you noticed this? or you have just ignored it!!!!

Third thing to notice is where you cook and how you cook? Many or most of us don’t dare to clean platform or floor where we cook food, what difference it makes it is clean only, Right? When we are lazy in cleaning platform, why do we dare to clean or wipe utensils to cook food, Right? All these things are far away from thought as we are always in rush to reach our favorite show or meet friends or reach office, and in all these important work we forget to wash our hands before cooking, Right? Some would ask a question, Now whats the need to wash hands? When we don’t think of washing hands why will we think of changing clothes before thinking, Right?

Fourth thing to consider is the place where the food is served and the plate in which food is served. When we have schedule for crazy television shows and or for office, work or job, how can we spend time on cleaning utensils we eat into, Right? We pass this job to our servant or leave them out in heat to dry on its own, Right? And in all these hectic schedule, how can we get time to notice that, our uncleaned utensils are being licked by cats or dogs, Right? (this might be common at many places in India, Right? Please readers of other Nations don’t rush washroom to vomit or curse Indian people…. Please)

See how these habits of yours can lead to Ashraya Dosh, here……

Life is beautiful

One of my friend shared a small story with me today with a title “Life is beautiful — Subject to terms and condition”.  First of all I would like to put down the whole story as it is here under……

A boy and a girl were playing together. The boy had a collection of marbles.. The girl had some sweets with her. The boy told the girl that he will give her all his marbles in exchange for her sweets. The girl agreed. The boy kept the biggest and the most beautiful marble aside and gave the rest to the girl. The girl gave him all her sweets as she had promised.

That night, the girl slept peacefully. But the boy couldn’t sleep as he kept wondering if the girl had hidden some sweets from him the way he had hidden his best marble.

Moral of the story: If you don’t give your hundred percent in a relationship, you’ll always keep doubting if the other person has given his/her hundred percent. This is applicable for any relationship, including a professional relationship.

Give your hundred percent to everything you do and sleep peacefully

Let me continue the story further.

The next day boy meets the girl and finds her happy. She was fresh like a blossom as she had a peaceful sleep, while boy was pale as he had back-log of sleep. He was not happy with the happiness on her face and his doubt that she would have kept sweet hidden became strong. This doubt quickly build its roots and grew up like a tree as kept watching her playing happily with others.

He was not able to stop himself and he went near to the girl. Busy in her game, she suddenly noticed boy standing near her, watching her closely. With gratitude in her eyes, she smiled and great the boy. She offered him to join the game. Boy had some plan cooking up inside his brain, accepted the offer and joined the game.

During the game, he established communication with her and tried to find out whether she had some more sweets that day. Innocently she deny, but had no pain of loosing sweets. Which strengthen the roots of that doubt tree and now he was burning with anger. Ignoring his cheating, he behaved in rude manner with that girl, which gave her lot of pain. She was stunned on that behavior. At the end of the day, when they were leaving for home, girl’s happiness turned into sadness.

She returns home, had little bit of food and goes to bed. She was not able to sleep as she was worried why that boy would have behaved in that manner? When she had honestly given all the sweets, which contained her favorite sweets why he would have doubt on her honesty?

Days passed, both were not able to meet as they were busy in exams. During this time period she had managed to explain herself that one day he will realize she was honest. As exams were over, she went to the place where she use to play. Knowingly or unknowingly her eyes were searching that boy. She finally located that boy and wished to ask him a question why he have doubt on her? she is honest. They played for a while. And she was not able to stop herself from asking that question.

Getting that question from girl, boy became happy as if he had taken revenge.

A Question comes here….

1) When she gave her 100% why she had to face all this?

Do you have any answer?

Value of Truth?

I happen to discuss a topic with one of my pen pal it was regarding Truth. His comment “yes, atleast 10 people walk on the path of truth” on my question, “is simplicity and truth being valued today?”

I had subscribed for his blog post. It was a post on Mr. Narayan Murthi. I value him a lot. And I happen to ask him that above question.

As per my observation, we don’t dare to speak truth as we are afraid. Afraid of being scolded, afraid of loosing some time. If we are not afraid, we speak avoid speaking truth to gain some benefits. Consider under listed examples.

Raj, (this name is a dummy name) he is a student of class 7th. He loves to play and enjoy life. His interest in studies is less. His mother use to make him study. But he loved to play. He use to study as mom use to force him. It was exam time and he had not completed his studies. He copied certain question’s answers from his friend and lied at home as he had fear of being scolded. Also he would not be allowed to play and would be asked to study more. So he lied. He was successful in hiding truth at that moment and made a habit to hide truth whenever he want to win the game.

Dipen (this name is a dummy name), a graduate of Science faculty. He just joined job and luckily got engaged with a girl. Girl was a village girl who took less interest in his job and he didn’t care to inform her about his job. After marriage they had financial problems because of job. He explained her, it was not necessary to tell her about his job. Actually he had fear to loose her, so he kept details of his job hidden.

Pratik (this name is dummy name), a graduate working with accountancy company. An out going person, who loves to smoke, drink and visit prostitute for fun. Married an educated girl but didn’t dare to inform her about his habits. She learned about his habits after marriage. She was explained, it was a strategy to marry a girl like her.

Radhe (this name is dummy name), she is a graduate, to earn a job, she boasted about her studies. As time passed she was not able to perform and she was asked explanation.  She had no explanation.

Many or most of us speak lie, to get some or the other benefits. Thinking what will happen if we speak lie or cheat others.

Nothing happens if you speak lie or cheat others. You are not cheating others. When you are speak lie or cheating other, in true sense you are first cheating yourself. You are actually telling lie to your self first then to other.

Think on this before lying next time.

Strength of Truth

Truth!! I will not be able to say anything against truth even it will be difficult for me to accept anything against truth. As my life and my strength is Truth.

Yes, its strange and surprising but its true like sun and moon. I don’t fear to accept my weakness, wrong deeds, mistakes.

It was my school days when I was made to change my school. I had hard time to mix with people, because, all was new for me, the culture, environment and then my extrovert nature. I use to observe people around me each hour, I learned there difference between boys and girls. Boys use to play in a different group then girls. It was not an innocent atmosphere. I learned there in order to pass exam you can use support of chits. I believe its a universal truth, we learn bad habits first than good habits. I too learned making chits. It was my first day, first time when i tried to open chit and was caught. 🙂 those who taught me this was not able to teach me how to do all this. I went home, told my mom. To my surprise I was not scold much, I was told to work hard and stay away from such things. I hardly had strength to go to school. I use to feel like I had done a big crime similar to that of killing a person. After a week I was bit normal and made up my mind. I will not copy.

I still have shadows of my 1st standard,  when I had told my school principal, “I was tried and the paper was boring so I didn’t write.” Ya, I had stopped writing paper in between exam and lay down on bench. My parents were called and I was asked why I did like that.

Coming to that main point, then many of my teachers tested me. They use to go out of the room keeping book open but I never use to copy. It was me who was then made stand in front of class and class was told to learn from me.

That gave me strength. Then never I looked back I had strength and courage to speak truly whatever I did and do. This made me strong enough to face anything. Then I never filled shame to admit about the above listed facts of my life. Even I didn’t feel shame to admit any thing good or bad I did in front of my parents.

But today when I observe outside world I don’t find enough people who have strength to speak truth.

I Love You

I remember one of my incident of childhood, it was when I changed my home like school and joined a new school. I had no friends for all most a year. What more you can expect from an introvert person? Some how people started making me friends. That is all a different story. Now I was not alone at lunch break. I use to share my lunch with others. I remember there was a student, from Zambia, who use to study in our class. Completely extrovert person. He was like a wind, who touches each and every leaves, buds and make them flowers. Full of life. He use to tease me and instead of smile I use to give him angry expression. I use to watch him closely, how he use to make smile people when they are crying and try to learn that. His one of the habit was to shake hand with anyone he use to meet. Same he use to do with me, but I never shake hand with him. One day he told, “oh come on! you can shake hand with me I have washed my hands and even applied perfume” but I didn’t shake hand with him. That day, girls with whom I use to share my lunch were talking about love. I listened them for a while then I made busy in my work. Suddenly a question came, “what do you think about love?”. I said “there is nothing like love, no one loves any one in this world, its affection and nothing else”. While I was giving these views that boy came in and offered a shake hand. I refused and he said, “this is not done. you don’t know what is love, you don’t have heart.” And went out with a sad face. Though he can never be sad. Soon girls seating there told me, “remember one day you will fall in love, in a mad love.” I laughed them and challenged them that there is no one whom I will love.

After years, long years, today, we were discussing about a song being played on radio. As usual my reaction was, “its love song, boring song, love stories are boring. There is nothing like love and no one loves in this world anyone. Its just affection and infatuation.” Suddenly my friend stopped me here and told me, “mark my words, you will fall in love, some will be there who will love you like mad and whom you will love like mad. you will feel the pain of love and tell me that you are in love.”

I laughed… literally laughed…. and still laughing….. Me and love…. 🙂

sorry but i don’t believe in such love. To me love should bring happiness and pleasure. How can it bring pain. I don’t believe in such things and its just bookish.

To her I would say…..

aisi to koi suraat nahi (there is no such face)

jise muraat banaa ke hum pooje (which I can worship as God)

aisi to koi ankhe nahi (there is no such eyes)

jis me hum doob jaaye (in which I can lose myself)

aisi to baahe nahi (there is no such arms)

jis me hum toot jaaye (in which I can rest)

aisa koi bnaa hi nahi (God has not made anyone)

jis se hum keh sake “I love you” (whom I can say these three words)

Finally we ended up with her words, “you keep this in your note, you will for sure fall in love with a person who will accept you as you are and you will be happy.”

I remember my husbands words, “you really don’t know what is love, you are a saint, I have not seen a girl like you.” Poor man, I think he tried to make me realize what is love but was in vain. To me all this, funny things, like writing names here and there, reading mails, giving gifts and hugs and lots more is just a stupid act. By writing name anywhere you are just making that beautiful place ugly. And by telling anyone that you love him or her doesn’t mean that you love him or her.

I have seen people who fall in love and spend years before they marry. After marriage, “aha!! I am tired of my wife. She is so demanding, always asks me to take out, take things for me.” “umhm!! my husband he was good as lover, use to take me out, give me gifts, praise me whenever I use to wear new dress. But today he just keeps himself busy with work”.

I remember there was a friend of mine in Master of Computer Application, who married when she was going to give her final year Bachalor of Computer Application exam. Her was a love marriage. With lots of controversies she married. One day her husband desired to buy a weapon for his protection. He was a writer. He would have got some sort of notes from some parties about his article which was forcing him to buy weapon. While talking to her, she told me “how can I let him buy weapon, if some day he will get angry he will kill me.” I don’t understand, when you love someone and when you are married to that special person, how can you think he can kill you. This is not love. If this is love, I strongly oppose it, I don’t believe in love.

Anyone who believe in this kind of love is free to discuss this here……

Meeting with my Inner

I remember that day still when I had first felt an immense peace. I was just a teenager when I started reading Gita. I had just left college and use to spend almost half of the day listening Gita, browsing articles on net related to computers. I dont remember exactly how many days would have passed that way. It would be more than a year may be. Each day when I use to read Gita, I use to get some kind of strength. Each day I use to get some kind of happiness.

Today when I use to look back I feel as if Krishna was teaching me how to be happy? He was teaching me to be strong enough to face challenges.

It brought some kind of strength in me. I was trying to bring happiness on other’s face. I was working to make free someone for the habit of drinking and smoking. I was almost successful. He left smoking in his life of 45 years for the first time for more than a month. Though he started smoking back when his wife left him back and went alone to US.

But in those days when he left smoking and when I use to tell him to quit smoking and read some good literature. I use to read Gita every day and try to do Yoga as stated in one of the shloka.

One fine day, while listening Gita, I closed eyes I tried to do Yoga as stated in that Shloka. I felt like some ray of white light traveled through my body. That day I was really very happy. That experience gave me immense pleasure. It filled me with a lot of strength.

At that time I felt it was because of my work God would have blessed me.

Today when I look back, I can see that white ray of light Gyana. Knowledge which enlightens soul.