Meeting with my Inner

I remember that day still when I had first felt an immense peace. I was just a teenager when I started reading Gita. I had just left college and use to spend almost half of the day listening Gita, browsing articles on net related to computers. I dont remember exactly how many days would have passed that way. It would be more than a year may be. Each day when I use to read Gita, I use to get some kind of strength. Each day I use to get some kind of happiness.

Today when I use to look back I feel as if Krishna was teaching me how to be happy? He was teaching me to be strong enough to face challenges.

It brought some kind of strength in me. I was trying to bring happiness on other’s face. I was working to make free someone for the habit of drinking and smoking. I was almost successful. He left smoking in his life of 45 years for the first time for more than a month. Though he started smoking back when his wife left him back and went alone to US.

But in those days when he left smoking and when I use to tell him to quit smoking and read some good literature. I use to read Gita every day and try to do Yoga as stated in one of the shloka.

One fine day, while listening Gita, I closed eyes I tried to do Yoga as stated in that Shloka. I felt like some ray of white light traveled through my body. That day I was really very happy. That experience gave me immense pleasure. It filled me with a lot of strength.

At that time I felt it was because of my work God would have blessed me.

Today when I look back, I can see that white ray of light Gyana. Knowledge which enlightens soul.


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