I Love You

I remember one of my incident of childhood, it was when I changed my home like school and joined a new school. I had no friends for all most a year. What more you can expect from an introvert person? Some how people started making me friends. That is all a different story. Now I was not alone at lunch break. I use to share my lunch with others. I remember there was a student, from Zambia, who use to study in our class. Completely extrovert person. He was like a wind, who touches each and every leaves, buds and make them flowers. Full of life. He use to tease me and instead of smile I use to give him angry expression. I use to watch him closely, how he use to make smile people when they are crying and try to learn that. His one of the habit was to shake hand with anyone he use to meet. Same he use to do with me, but I never shake hand with him. One day he told, “oh come on! you can shake hand with me I have washed my hands and even applied perfume” but I didn’t shake hand with him. That day, girls with whom I use to share my lunch were talking about love. I listened them for a while then I made busy in my work. Suddenly a question came, “what do you think about love?”. I said “there is nothing like love, no one loves any one in this world, its affection and nothing else”. While I was giving these views that boy came in and offered a shake hand. I refused and he said, “this is not done. you don’t know what is love, you don’t have heart.” And went out with a sad face. Though he can never be sad. Soon girls seating there told me, “remember one day you will fall in love, in a mad love.” I laughed them and challenged them that there is no one whom I will love.

After years, long years, today, we were discussing about a song being played on radio. As usual my reaction was, “its love song, boring song, love stories are boring. There is nothing like love and no one loves in this world anyone. Its just affection and infatuation.” Suddenly my friend stopped me here and told me, “mark my words, you will fall in love, some will be there who will love you like mad and whom you will love like mad. you will feel the pain of love and tell me that you are in love.”

I laughed… literally laughed…. and still laughing….. Me and love…. πŸ™‚

sorry but i don’t believe in such love. To me love should bring happiness and pleasure. How can it bring pain. I don’t believe in such things and its just bookish.

To her I would say…..

aisi to koi suraat nahi (there is no such face)

jise muraat banaa ke hum pooje (which I can worship as God)

aisi to koi ankhe nahi (there is no such eyes)

jis me hum doob jaaye (in which I can lose myself)

aisi to baahe nahi (there is no such arms)

jis me hum toot jaaye (in which I can rest)

aisa koi bnaa hi nahi (God has not made anyone)

jis se hum keh sake “I love you” (whom I can say these three words)

Finally we ended up with her words, “you keep this in your note, you will for sure fall in love with a person who will accept you as you are and you will be happy.”

I remember my husbands words, “you really don’t know what is love, you are a saint, I have not seen a girl like you.” Poor man, I think he tried to make me realize what is love but was in vain. To me all this, funny things, like writing names here and there, reading mails, giving gifts and hugs and lots more is just a stupid act. By writing name anywhere you are just making that beautiful place ugly. And by telling anyone that you love him or her doesn’t mean that you love him or her.

I have seen people who fall in love and spend years before they marry. After marriage, “aha!! I am tired of my wife. She is so demanding, always asks me to take out, take things for me.” “umhm!! my husband he was good as lover, use to take me out, give me gifts, praise me whenever I use to wear new dress. But today he just keeps himself busy with work”.

I remember there was a friend of mine in Master of Computer Application, who married when she was going to give her final year Bachalor of Computer Application exam. Her was a love marriage. With lots of controversies she married. One day her husband desired to buy a weapon for his protection. He was a writer. He would have got some sort of notes from some parties about his article which was forcing him to buy weapon. While talking to her, she told me “how can I let him buy weapon, if some day he will get angry he will kill me.” I don’t understand, when you love someone and when you are married to that special person, how can you think he can kill you. This is not love. If this is love, I strongly oppose it, I don’t believe in love.

Anyone who believe in this kind of love is free to discuss this here……


10 comments on “I Love You

  1. Hey,

    I am same friend who has told her that the day will come.. I pray and i wish from depth of heart that yes you will fall in love and you will not realize..so i wish you must realize it once someone is love with u and accept him…

    May god fulfill my wish and I wish you all the best… All those people who are reading this blog pray for me to win this.

    • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      I will win. I don’t believe in such silly things. I have seen few of my class mates, telling me that they love someone who looks good, whose color is fair or who is tall or who is smart, blah, blah. They would have not slept nights thinking about such qualities and admiring such qualities. I remember one of my classmate had cut her finger to write letter to a boy. What a stupid thing it is. This all looks good when you watch in movie or read in some books book this is not love.

      I have seen friends who say they are in love and after few days they come up crying with their heart broken. When you ask reason it is, the boy says he don’t love, or i don’t look good or the worst part, they ask for body.

      Love is not all this. To me such people are in fantasy land. Put your thought on this. And I bet you, there is no one in this world whom I know, who knows what is love.

  2. Love isn’t about the hugs, gifts, and silly e-mails. it’s about wanting someone next to you for the rest of your life. Love is something that cannot be forced on you, it comes naturally. I understand how you don’t believe in love but there is so much love around you. Naturally people say we are all evil and cannot love but one day you will see that love isn’t just about two people. It’s about their connection with the world. Love is a gift. Some people fall in love and others never do. It’s a mind set. Like your friend who was always happy…he chose to be always happy. he chose to meet new people & he was confident enough in himself to shake their hands. he didn’t necessarily show love in his actions but he showed respect which is another aspect in love. you can’t love someone you don’t respect. Love truely is a gift. If you find it, protecting it is worth every danger in the world.
    I have a few questions for you…

    if you don’t believe in love then how do you describe your attatchment to your family? Or a mother with her child? or a generous, kind, and sweet teacher with her students? how do you describe these actions?

    • First of all tons of thanks for your valuable comment on this post.
      1) It was a bet between me and my friend that one day I will love a man and marry him. Whom I will write e-mails, SMS, send greetings and express how I am mad about him. For which I told her, I don’t believe in such love. Love is not getting attracted towards beauty, body, money, intelligence or speech and praising the person having this quality. I appreciate my friend’s concern, she want me to see happily married to a man. But the love she thinks I will do, I don’t think I will ever do.

      2) First of all I love to be me. So shall I say I love myself. The answer to your first question is there in your question. “Attachment” is the answer to your first question. Do you know are they your real parents? (may be stupid question but ask yourself and try to test this from various angles), you learn to say a lady your mother and get attached to her, she is your support. Whenever you fall down, you search for a support. In childhood you would have fell down and would have hurt, first thing would be you would have ran towards your mother. She would have pampered you and you would have felt good. As you grow, your attachment grew and you do what she tells you to do. You name Attachment as Love. For more detailed and exact meaning, read GITA, specially the reply of Krishna when Arjuna was in Vishada. That is termed as Vishadayoga.

  3. ok i will honestly tell you my opinion is biased. I am happy with my boyfriend of nine months. I’m heads over heels for him and can’t imagine life without him. I’m talking about like girly love like how little girls imagine about their weddings and their “perfect” husbands. yeah i feel like that 24/7. But that’s not why i love my boyfriend. I don’t love him for his looks, his wealth, or any other outwardly things. I love him for him. I love that he tells me things that no one else knows, i love that i love him for him and that he never has to pretend to be anything around me, i love his personality and the way he makes me laugh, i love his goofy smile when he’s happy, i love that he has four different kinds of laughs, i love that he is the one and only person that i think about before i go to sleep and when i wake up in the morning. I love him for reasons even i don’t understand. i love him even when he’s angry at me or he’s depressed or sad. i can’t stop loving him. i have this unconditional love for him. But it hurts. It hurts like hell right now because come August I will have to leave him. I will have to leave everything we have and everything i LOVE. It’ll be one of the hardest things i will ever have to do. But i honestly don’t mind doing it. I would rather go through the pain of having to leave him than through never having him at all. i think this kind of love is the purest and most selfless kind of all & i think everyone can have it. BUT it depends if the person is willing to be captivated by it. love is a gift. no one deserves love. it’s respect, honesty, & trust. i don’t think you have love wrong. i think love comes to everyone in its own way. i honestly believe love is a personal decision. for me i’d rather be caught up in love 20 times and then fall out of love again and again because each time i learn something different and each time i grow stronger. i’d rather experience love and end up crying every night for a month than to never experience it’s gravity and sensation because love is one of the most beautiful and spontaneous acts left in the world.

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