Strength of Truth

Truth!! I will not be able to say anything against truth even it will be difficult for me to accept anything against truth. As my life and my strength is Truth.

Yes, its strange and surprising but its true like sun and moon. I don’t fear to accept my weakness, wrong deeds, mistakes.

It was my school days when I was made to change my school. I had hard time to mix with people, because, all was new for me, the culture, environment and then my extrovert nature. I use to observe people around me each hour, I learned there difference between boys and girls. Boys use to play in a different group then girls. It was not an innocent atmosphere. I learned there in order to pass exam you can use support of chits. I believe its a universal truth, we learn bad habits first than good habits. I too learned making chits. It was my first day, first time when i tried to open chit and was caught. 🙂 those who taught me this was not able to teach me how to do all this. I went home, told my mom. To my surprise I was not scold much, I was told to work hard and stay away from such things. I hardly had strength to go to school. I use to feel like I had done a big crime similar to that of killing a person. After a week I was bit normal and made up my mind. I will not copy.

I still have shadows of my 1st standard,  when I had told my school principal, “I was tried and the paper was boring so I didn’t write.” Ya, I had stopped writing paper in between exam and lay down on bench. My parents were called and I was asked why I did like that.

Coming to that main point, then many of my teachers tested me. They use to go out of the room keeping book open but I never use to copy. It was me who was then made stand in front of class and class was told to learn from me.

That gave me strength. Then never I looked back I had strength and courage to speak truly whatever I did and do. This made me strong enough to face anything. Then I never filled shame to admit about the above listed facts of my life. Even I didn’t feel shame to admit any thing good or bad I did in front of my parents.

But today when I observe outside world I don’t find enough people who have strength to speak truth.


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