Value of Truth?

I happen to discuss a topic with one of my pen pal it was regarding Truth. His comment “yes, atleast 10 people walk on the path of truth” on my question, “is simplicity and truth being valued today?”

I had subscribed for his blog post. It was a post on Mr. Narayan Murthi. I value him a lot. And I happen to ask him that above question.

As per my observation, we don’t dare to speak truth as we are afraid. Afraid of being scolded, afraid of loosing some time. If we are not afraid, we speak avoid speaking truth to gain some benefits. Consider under listed examples.

Raj, (this name is a dummy name) he is a student of class 7th. He loves to play and enjoy life. His interest in studies is less. His mother use to make him study. But he loved to play. He use to study as mom use to force him. It was exam time and he had not completed his studies. He copied certain question’s answers from his friend and lied at home as he had fear of being scolded. Also he would not be allowed to play and would be asked to study more. So he lied. He was successful in hiding truth at that moment and made a habit to hide truth whenever he want to win the game.

Dipen (this name is a dummy name), a graduate of Science faculty. He just joined job and luckily got engaged with a girl. Girl was a village girl who took less interest in his job and he didn’t care to inform her about his job. After marriage they had financial problems because of job. He explained her, it was not necessary to tell her about his job. Actually he had fear to loose her, so he kept details of his job hidden.

Pratik (this name is dummy name), a graduate working with accountancy company. An out going person, who loves to smoke, drink and visit prostitute for fun. Married an educated girl but didn’t dare to inform her about his habits. She learned about his habits after marriage. She was explained, it was a strategy to marry a girl like her.

Radhe (this name is dummy name), she is a graduate, to earn a job, she boasted about her studies. As time passed she was not able to perform and she was asked explanation.  She had no explanation.

Many or most of us speak lie, to get some or the other benefits. Thinking what will happen if we speak lie or cheat others.

Nothing happens if you speak lie or cheat others. You are not cheating others. When you are speak lie or cheating other, in true sense you are first cheating yourself. You are actually telling lie to your self first then to other.

Think on this before lying next time.


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