Ashraya Dosh

What is Ashraya and What is Ashraya Dosh? How it affects any individual and community in whole?

These were questions when I first learned years back about ashraya. Simple meaning of Ashraya is Shelter and Dosh means Fault. Now the question comes is, is it the fault of the person who gives you shelter? or fault from taking shelter from wrong person? But the term “Ashraya Dosh” is not exactly related to shelter, it is related to our food habits, cooking of food, place where we eat food, method we used to cook food. Thus it is related to dosha which we fall into through food we take.

First let me explain how one falls in this dosha.

First thing we need to take into notice is which kind of food we bring in our house? Many of us or most of us, go to market, look for cheap vegetables and bring that home. Some time or most of the time people go to the market when its time to close market. At that time vendor would be closing his shop and would be interested in selling remaining vegetables at the lowest cost you ask. You will be able to buy the bulk in a low cost. Isn’t it? You bring that bulk home with happy face. Right?

Second thing to notice is the method of cooking. Some times or many of us cut vegetables first and then clean them, Right? While cutting vegetables we would be busy watching our favorite show on Television, Right? In that important show where in-law would be harassing a poor lady, we might cut some worms as well or forget to remove weeds from the vegetable, have you noticed this? or you have just ignored it!!!!

Third thing to notice is where you cook and how you cook? Many or most of us don’t dare to clean platform or floor where we cook food, what difference it makes it is clean only, Right? When we are lazy in cleaning platform, why do we dare to clean or wipe utensils to cook food, Right? All these things are far away from thought as we are always in rush to reach our favorite show or meet friends or reach office, and in all these important work we forget to wash our hands before cooking, Right? Some would ask a question, Now whats the need to wash hands? When we don’t think of washing hands why will we think of changing clothes before thinking, Right?

Fourth thing to consider is the place where the food is served and the plate in which food is served. When we have schedule for crazy television shows and or for office, work or job, how can we spend time on cleaning utensils we eat into, Right? We pass this job to our servant or leave them out in heat to dry on its own, Right? And in all these hectic schedule, how can we get time to notice that, our uncleaned utensils are being licked by cats or dogs, Right? (this might be common at many places in India, Right? Please readers of other Nations don’t rush washroom to vomit or curse Indian people…. Please)

See how these habits of yours can lead to Ashraya Dosh, here……


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