Ashraya Dosha — Part 2

In the previous post you learnt about few habit of ours or most of us. Here you will learn how these habits leads you to Ashraya Dosha.

1) Type of Food:– The food which you eat turns into blood in your body. This blood nourishes each and every body part. One of the important part of your body is your brain, which controls your thoughts, behavior and your activities. Impurities in food effects the creation of blood. Let the scientists comment on how impurities affect creation of blood?

Let me continue here with the main topic, do you remember why our grandparents insist on getting good food? If not, they were aware of the fact that good food can make a healthy body and brain. Do you notice, our grandparents at the age of 90 was able to do their work on their own. Many was able to walk without support and needed glasses very late, while today, a child of class 1st, ie, 6-7 years need glasses and shout with body pain at night.

Believe it or not, it is because of food. Stale food, Rotten food contains germs, these germs make the food impure (Dushita). In ancient time, till the age of our grandparents, before serving food to house members, food was being served to God. Every house use to have a small temple or statue of God in their house. Where they use to serve food before serving to other members of house. Today hardly we follow this. In order to serve food to God, you should choose best vegetables. If you keep this religious part away, the best vegetables you choose was consumed by members of family. Which was building their health. And a healthy family builds healthy society.

According to Gita, Tulsidas and people like him, God is no where else, he is in you, a healthy body, a healthy soul and a healthy soul is the place of God.

If you forget this, you get impurities in your blood. This impure blood makes your thoughts impure. Will tell you later how?

2) Method of Cooking:– Do you remember our grandma use to take special care to preserve food, while cutting vegetables she use to keep her complete concentration on vegetables and use to take care to pick smallest weeds, insects or any unwanted particle from vegetables and pulses.

But I have seen many don’t dare to clean vegetables before cutting. Don’t you know that there could be pesticides on the skin of vegetables which goes in your stomach and may fall you sick? Many don’t lend eyes on leaves of certain vegetables and cut them blindly. Can’t you see or are you such lazy that you can’t notice, left overs of insects on leaves, half eaten leafs by insects? Many would tell me, who care of it, its a small thing, why do we waste time in it, we have number of work to do.

You get water on your door step, vegetables on your door step, you have oven to cook food, servants to clean house, air conditioner to chill. Did your grandma had all these facilities, still she use to take care of cleanliness. She was not going to job but she was required to take food to field on time. Don’t you remember?

Keeping that aside, food containing weeds, insects cooked together with food, left overs cooked with food spoil your health and your family member health. God (which I will refer here as your good thoughts) will not be happy with such food. If no evil thought come to you, you are trapped in Ashraya Dosha.

3) Place of Cooking:– Do you remember how our grandma use to cook food? She use to first clean kitchen, wipe floor with mud (ancient houses had floors made of mud + cow dung), then she use to take bath, put on fresh clothes, clean vegetables, pulses, clean utensils used for cooking food, clean wood used in fire. And remember she would have brought water after taking bath. While cooking she will not touch anyone who has not taken bath nor even let kids or people walk in the kitchen. Do you remember how tasty that food was? yummy, yummy… Right?

But today what we do, we don’t even clean our platform or stove which we use to cook food. In some house, women don’t even wipe out floor from the platform or stove for whole year till Diwali and keep on cooking or sometimes till they change house. Do you know how many insects would pill up on this dirty place? Do you know how many infections you will invite through such poor platforms? Some are lazy and some don’t have time and some simply don’t like this job.

Food cooked in such place is offered to your body (which I will refer here as God). If you look at such place, you start commenting and making publicity of such house and lady without looking at yourself and even advice others not to eat that house. If you avoid such place, then how God (evil thoughts) can come to you? If no evil thought come to you, you are trapped in Ashraya Dosha.

4) Place of Serving Food and Plate:– The environment where you eat food also affects your thinking and attitude. Many don’t use their eyes before the take food in their plate and start eating food. I have observed in many houses people wash vessels and keep them out in sun or wherever they wash them. Don’t dare to dry them and arrange them at place. They will arrange all vessels at the end of the day or sometimes whenever required. After all they would be missing their favorite (stupid type) daily soaps or would be getting late to chat with friend or getting late to reach office. Such left out vessels are prone to attract germs. HOW? If vessels are left out, they will attract animals like cats or dogs or monkey to lick them. Such animals would leave back germs on these vessels. As you would have removed all leftovers from the vessels, you usually never think of cleaning them (again you would be hurry in reach out daily soap or friends or office).

Now it is seem many don’t think of cleaning place at which they take food. If it would be floor (ancient style) then without thinking about the floor and using eyes to notice dirt on floor, plate would be placed and food would be served. If its dinning table we don’t think of cleaning the mats. I have heard people telling, “XYZ, we don’t find any dirt, it all happens, we are busy and we don’t have time to do such things, we will inform servant.” and some would say “one day we are going to get mixed in this mud, mud is everywhere, outside body and inside body, let it be there”. I would say GREAT PEOPLE.

Then comes the clothes of cook and the person who serves. If its house or hotel, both cook and serve if both are different or same person, they should think of cleaning clothes before cooking and serving. If is seen that many people wipe their hands with clothes while cooking. And many GREAT ladies clean many things with that “pallu of sari” (an edge of Sari) and then when cooking clean hands and vessels with that “pallu” (remembering those scenes make me feel vomit at this moment).

Again I would say, if you are cooking food for GOD (here I refer it as your body) then don’t you think, food should be of good quality? Don’t you think, the method of cooking should maintain quality? and Don’t you think the place where you eat food and the plate you use should be clean and pure?


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