I want money

This post is not for asking money to the readers but focuses on another debatable topic.

We (asians) belong to a society where certain rituals still prevail. The traditions I am referring is dowry. Still today in many caste or religion in Asia, dowry is taken or given at the time of marriage, in the name of donation (Kanya Dana) or in the name of ritual. In India, Kerela have highest number of literates but still this ritual is being followed. Hyderabad, a place where education level is high and a technology hub but still people there follow this ritual. I am not condemning any state or nation for following this ritual but a simple question comes to me.

Why is it necessary to give dowry?

I had once asked this question to an elderly person. In response he told, it is given to ensure that the girl gets happiness in her husband’s house. She enjoys the same pleasure which she had enjoyed at her father’s house.

Then two more questions comes to me…. Can you ensure happiness of your daughter by simply giving money, jewelry to her husband? If you want to ensure that she enjoys same pleasure she enjoyed at her father’s house then why are you allowing her to marry?

At that time I was a little girl who just opposed that reason and decided to stick on her view that this is wrong. Today I petty on this mentality. I pray God to give them some good thinking. I believe to be happy is in one’s own hand. I think happiness can’t be sold or bought from any shop. Even if you spend whole world’s money in getting happiness, you will not be able to get one single moment of happiness. Instead of giving money and your daughter to anyone, i think its better to check the virtue of the man whose going to marry your daughter.

If you say, you want to ensure that your daughter gets all the facilities you gave her when she was living with you. Then why to marry? No two house will have same environment, culture and no two people will have same habits. If you think it would be difficult for your daughter to adjust then why to marry her. When you mix sugar in milk, both have to give up their nature to unite. Same is the case in marriage. Both have to change and give up their nature to unite and live together.

Still I am looking for a reason for dowry. When a man interested in marriage says, “I want money to marry you”. Which questions should my mind ask, questions on state of mind, knowledge, potentiality. And when a person gives dowry, which question should I ask, on the stability of his mind or is he pleading groom to marry her daughter.

Why you need money? Please let me know.

Purification of Water

Water is life!!

Any creature on this earth will perish if it doesn’t get water for some time. And we all know its importance. Though it is a reason for life on earth, it can be a cause of death as well. Impurities in water will make you sick and you will be prone to water born diseases, which could take serious form and lead to death.

Source of water on earth is ocean, which is saline, fresh water, which is ground water, icecaps and glaciers. The last option is lakes and rivers. When it rains, most of the water runs down the streets in cities, into drainage. Which would either end at some or the other river or Plautus. In village, it would run down in river which would end in some ocean. In this process earth absorbs most of the part of water, which gets accumulated as under ground water.

It is said that rain water is pure water and usually people accumulate that water. But is it true. Quality of water can only be judged by testing its purity. Testing of water would involve study of salt, chemical, mineral and presence of metal in water. The important test is the test of pH.

pH is a measure of the acidity or basicity of a solution. There are defined standards for pH in drinking water. This standards are defined by environment control authority.

The ancient method of water purification was to bring water at boiling state and then let it cool down and drain the impurities out of water. Even today this method is widely used but it is seen that many impurities or metals don’t get drained out with this method. Even in an survey it was stated that, water purification plants don’t produce pure water. No one is able to achieve the defined standards.

What it makes if we drink impure water? we all know diarrhea, loose motion, vomits, sickness are common diseases. But there could be sever effects on leaver, kidney, skin, eyes and bones because of impurities.

Leaving Nest

Many parents complain that my child grew-up and now he or she is going to leave the nest and cry with pain. Are they really leave your nest and you? have you observed birds and animals do they cry for them, if they would be then we don’t know isn’t it? 🙂

But what exactly is “leaving nest” means, is it end of relationship? Can a parent or guardian’s relation end if you stay away from them? If you take some decision on your own, does it mean you are breaking away from them?

When we are living a social life, we are bound by emotions and feeling for each other. Some times such emotions and feelings becomes chain and trap you. Many a times you would have heard some thing like this,

“I am doing this course because my father wants me to do.”

“I am wearing this because my mom wants me to wear it.”

“I am marrying this girl because my mom wants me to marry her.”

“I want a boy child as my mom wants a grandson.”

any many such things. But when following them or laying down against such wish don’t you think you are going against your own happiness.

In the first case, your interest was to study some other subject but you gave priority to your father’s wish.

In the second case, you wish to wear something trendy but wore which your mom wished.

In the third case, you loved someone else or you dreamed about someone else but you buried all your feelings, dreams to make your mom happy.

In the fourth case, you forced your partner to bear a boy child as your mom wished, without thinking that child is a gift of God and gender is not in your hand.

While doing such things, thinking about family, society and people around you have you ever thought, will they stand by you when you are suffering from pain? When you would be dieing?

If your answer is “YES THEY DO or THEY WILL”, then let me say, “YOU ARE DOING YOUR LIFE’S BIGGEST MISTAKE”.

Neither Mother, Father or anyone with whom you have blood relationship will be with you to share your pain, YES its a fact. Mother would pamper you when you would be in pain, may cry on your situation, blame you for the situation, but she will rarely speak about the root cause behind that pain. It is not the case with the person other than you, it is the case with you as well. You, yourself would first go and blame others for your situation but will not look at your fault.

In old age home aged parents complain that they had spent sleepless nights, have buried their dreams, spared their life but in return their kids have left them in old age home. Do these parents seat and try to find out why that happened? What was their fault? Many would not be able to adjust with their kids and life style which THEY THEM SELF WOULD HAVE ENCOURAGED THEM TO LIVE. But instead of looking at their deeds, they will say “MY CHILD HAVE LEFT THE NEST.”

Observe closely, if you are going to make an important decision of your life, first you will be discouraged you will be shown dark side of your decision. Still if you stick to your decision, you will be emotionally blackmailed and even given fear. If you are trapped in all this you will make the decision which they want and then AFTER SOME TIME YOU WILL REPENT. The simple reason for your pain at that time would be you followed others, you didn’t think of what you want, what was your feelings, where was your happiness.  Though we all know, WE CAME ALONE AND WE WILL GO ALONE. Whatever we are doing is just a drama, a play and we have to play our role in best form without getting trapped in emotions, WE ALL  do the same MISTAKE, get trapped in emotions.

Who am I?

Who am I? if I ask you this question you would doubt my senses/mind, right?
Yes, this question sound funny may be silly but it is not so.
Many a times while interacting with people I come across a question which religion do I belong to or who am I Hindu or Christian or Muslim from Afghanistan?
All the time I answer I am Hindu from India. But then a question comes to me. Is it necessary to know whether I am Hindu or Christian or Muslim? Does it matter when you are talking with some one?
Forget talking, if we are dealing with any one do we need to know what is his religion, caste and creed?
When I say I am Hindu, a question comes to me is shouldn’t I say I am a human instead of telling that I am Hindu.
We don’t divide animals, plants and other creatures of God into religion then why we divide human being who is the most special creature of God into religion.

The other day I was reading about “baptism” when I first came to know about this word. My mind related it with a function of “Bhramsaman” which we, Vaishnav follower of Krishna perform.
In the process of “Bhramsaman”, the child is taken asked to wear a fresh unstitched white cloth and “Pujari”, people who live in temple and worship God, make the child bath in a pond near temple.
After that, the child will be taken to “Maharajshri”, Priest who have the authority to conduct the function will recite some Shloka in Sanskrit, he will make you recite some of them and then give you a leaf of Tulsi (a plant whose leaf is used as medicine and worship)
After the process is over, the child can change wet clothes, dry himself and can only eat after the function is over. After this function he is termed as “Vaishnav”.
What I read about “baptism” was also something same, a child is made to take holy bath and priest will recite some prayer after which he will be termed as “christian”. It was also referred as holy bath.

A question comes to me is, if only bathing or cleaning body makes you hindu or christian, every one of us for sure without fail take bath atleast once in the morning. Then why do we need to take bath in that pond or river or temple or church to become hindu or christian?
Should we clean our body or our soul?
Though we bath our body everyday but our soul remains dirty. Haven’t you observed?

If some couple would be fighting we would leave our important news session and concentrate our ears on that fight, isn’t it?
If a husband is harassing wife, people would deliberately ask wife question, what happened why he was shouting? is he good? and then fondle that wounds, isn’t? Even people would ask husband question, is your wife not cooking food? is she lazy? and try to inquire about her, isn’t it?
If some one is dark in skin, we will make fun of that person.
If some one will fall we will laugh.
If some one due to some health issue can’t walk or speak or seat properly, we make fun, isn’t it?
If some one is too fat or thin, we make fun, isn’t it?
If a neighbor’s girl falls in love with some one, we make it a issue and start promoting.
If a person gets divorce, we make it a issue and start promoting, discussing, blaming girl and boy.
We blame our in-laws, boss, colleagues, friends, politician, anyone but we don’t see what we are?
When we make comments on a girl coming late at home, we dont see what we in our life have done?

I have seen people enjoy in asking personal question, collecting information on weak issues of any person and then discuss them with others.
Some would have read Bible and some would have read Gita but when they would see a girl, starting think of doing flirt with her.
Instead of helping needy people and guiding him, we make fun of that person, in which school, book and religious scripture it is being taught?

Some men and women though they have good wife and husband look for love outside their house, is this the teaching of caste, creed or religion?

I have seen, many of whom I know, would never forget to ask me questions related to my life, then go out and discuss that issues with others and take some enjoyment on commenting on those issues.
Strange is that they don’t look into themselves, what they are? and after doing this, they pray in temple or church or mosque.

I remember the day when like other days, I went to temple in the morning for regular pray. No sooner did I enter the gate of temple, I found an injured pigeon lying on the floor, scarred as he was not able to fly.
I hurriedly rather dumped water on “shivalinga” and went out to pick that pigeon. I quickly called doctor, but who was out of town. But fortunately they gave me another number who takes care of such birds. I usually go bare foot in temple. Same was the case that day. I was running behind that bird in grass where there were dry leaves, thrones, and some broken glasses, but people sitting there were laughing at my efforts.
Fortunately that day I was able to get a place for that pigeon where, he would have got medicine and proper care. But a question comes in my mind is this what you learn being “Hindu” or “Christian” or “Muslim” then PLEASE DON’T LEARN. DONT BECOME HINU OR CHRISTIAN OR MUSLIM. DONT WORSHIP IN TEMPLE OR CHURCH OR MOSQUE. GOD IS NOT IN STATUES, ITS IN INNOCENT LIVES. BEFORE CLEANING YOUR BODY CLEAN YOUR SOUL, BECAUSE IN EACH BOOK BE IT BIBLE OR GITA OR KURAN, GOD SAYS I LIVE IN CLEAN SOUL.

Munnabhai MBBS – a Doctor or a Doc cutter

I believe there are certain responsible people in house and in large in society. In house, elder of house, grand parents (if alive) are responsible for good and bad of the people who live in the house. In society doctors, lawyers, teachers hold responsibilities to maintain, build and educate society.  But I have observed couple of things which I believe is not good for such responsible personalities.

Couple of days back, in India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, a Doctor was being arrested for various kind of frauds he had done. This post is not to discuss his frauds. But on the observation related to doctors.

What usually happens when you visit a doctor. You enter inside his consulting room, you will see him buried his nose in some paper. If you greet him you will not get any response back, he will ask you to seat down and then “what happened?”, a first question asked by stone faced doctor.

🙂 Top secrete, their such face makes me laugh on them. 🙂 If any doctor reading this please don’t get angry on me. Take this as my weakness, if i see any hard face, angry face, my first reaction would be a huge smile. I don’t know what funny I find in such rock hard face.

A person would control smile and start speaking problem. If the problem is long to explain, he will loose patient (ofcourse, many would be waiting out), he will show his eagerness to find the symptoms and problems, so he can pen down medicine.

First thing I would like to know from all doctors, are they being taught not to smile. If so then burn all your books. As I believe smile is the first and easy medicine to cure many diseases. How?

Many or all most all run behind money and work for hours spoiling their health. They eat less and work more, they take many tensions, worry unnecessary on many things. Though they would have many things to live life happily they would be doing such things knowingly and unknowingly. First problem would be sleepless nights, which will result into poor digestion, gastric problem, headache, sugar issues, blood pressure issues and then lot. In all this if you observe, people have lost their smile. They have stopped enjoying small things. If you give them a small smile, it will bring warmth between you and your patients.

If you can lend ears to your patients problems, you will learn that the problems is due to above listed issues. When you will lend him ears, you will observe, he would be relaxed and many of his issues would have solution to itself.

But many or most doctors don’t do such things. If I say neither do such things, then I think I am not wrong.

One example is here for your consideration. Miss X, a girl age of 20-21 contacts a doctor who is her family doctor. She was facing an issue since last few days. She was about to complete her graduation and her parents was thinking for her marriage. She wished to study further and work in good companies. But she was not encouraged to do so. People use to explain her about her marriage. In these people there were people who use to break her moral and insult her as well. Daily explanation on such issues and regular meetings with funny characters (for marriage) broke her from her inner side. She had lost hope for further studies and growth. One day she was going to get engaged. But the next day of engagement she found that her fiance is not proper to her. And the engagement broke. Which gave a big issue to those who use to insult her and break her moral. Even her dream broke which she learned to see. Her mental condition got poor and she thought to die. This thought started making its roots in her mind. She was aware of this situation and tries to come out of it. But she was not alone capable of doing so. So she gathered courage and met the doctor. Told him that she is facing such situation. Doctor instead of doing her counseling, understanding her problem and issues, asked her to concentrate on her work and get marry soon. She begged him to help her. But no help was being given to her. Fortunately she together with her friends came out of that situation, but it would have been better if that doctor would have helped her.

When I hear such things, I wish to ask doctor, have you seen Munnabhai MBBS, movie. If yes, then have you learned any thing from that movie? If you have not learned, I wish to ask you a question, are you a doctor or doc cutter (neck cutter)? For this line if you are going to give me bitter medicines then i am going to say 😛

Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar

Melting hearts of stones!!

Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar
Sabhi ka hai tu sabhi tere  khuda mere tu bakshis kar
Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar
Sabhi ka hai tu sabhi tere  khuda mere tu bakshis kar

Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar
Sabhi ka hai tu sabhi tere  khuda mere tu bakshis kar
Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar
Sabhi ka hai tu sabhi tere  khuda mere tu bakshis kar

O… teri marzi se ae malik hum is duniya mein aaye hein

Teri marzi se ae malik hum is duniya mein aaye hein

Teri rehemat se hum sab ne yeh jism aur jaan paaye hain
Tu apni nazar hum par rakhna kis haal mein hain khabar rakhna
Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar
Sabhi ka hai tu sabhi tere  khuda mere tu bakshis kar

Tu chahe toh hame rakhe tu chahe toh hame maare
Tu chahe toh hame rakhe tu chahe toh hame maare
O…tere aage jhukake sar khade hain aaj hum saare

O…sab se badi taaqat wale tu chahe toh har aafat taale
Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar
Sabhi ka hai tu sabhi tere  khuda mere tu bakshis kar
Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar
Sabhi ka hai tu sabhi tere  khuda mere tu bakshis kar
Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar
Sabhi ka hai tu sabhi tere  khuda mere tu bakshis kar
Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu bada meherbaan tu bakshis kar
Sabhi ka hai tu sabhi tere  khuda mere tu bakshis kar


English version is here. Please suggest if there is any mistake in translation.

My personal experiment to learn about Ashraya Dosh

I had spent one month with a family which

— Don’t unite to lite lamp atleast once a day. Though each of them pray individually if they wish to pray.

— Don’t care to choose good vegetables and food.

— Don’t clean food before cooking and don’t get time to clean dinning table

— Don’t get time to clean temple placed in the house nor time to clean vessels used at the time on Pooja (worshiping God). The greatness is they don’t have time to Clean God’s Statue.

All these was making eligible for Ashraya Dosh, if we take reference of those books and writings.

Effects I have seen in that family

— Children didn’t have sense of talking with elders.

— Food use to get stale within short time period (after all without keeping surrounding clean how can you keep food in the same state for a long time period)

— Minds were restless and were indulged in finding shortcuts to success. (though there is no shortcut to success)

— Thoughts and Acts were Wicked.

— Always making plans to acquire food and funds with unfair means. (cheating, lie, fraud were in blood)

Another Family with whom I spent one month, which

— Use to unite without fail to lite lamp atleast once a day

— Use to eat food together

— Even if they had less Rupees in pocket, they use to make sure they get good quality food

— Put extra efforts to clean food and vegetables.

— Keep kitchen, vessels and dinning table crystal clean.

— Didn’t strictly follow religion but use to clean Statue of God everyday.

Effects I have felt in this house

— As soon as you enter in this house all your senses get calm.

— Mind and thoughts gets filled with fresh thoughts. A sort of peace is being felt.

— Children use to give respect to elders and were ready to serve elders at their best.

— People were pure from heart and were not involved in any cheating and unfair means.

— Truth was their strength and their thoughts were not wicked.

— They were able to happily manage their family budget with their work.

Now from all these posts on Ashraya Dosh, its up to you What you learn and What you follow?

Ashraya and Dosh by Shruti, Ramanuja

Shruti :– “आहारशुद्धौ सत्त्वशुद्धिः सत्त्वशुद्धौ ध्रुव स्मृतिः—When the food is pure, then the inner-sense gets purified; on the purification of the innersense, memory (of the soul’s perfection) becomes steady.”

Ahara means the sense-perceptions

Everyone knows by experience that impure food weakens the power of receptivity of the Indriyas or makes them act in opposition to the will. It is a well-known fact that indigestion distorts the vision of things and makes one thing appeal as another, and that want of food makes the eyesight and other powers of the senses dim and weak. Similarly, it is often seen that some particular kind of food brings on some particular state of the body and the mind. This principle is at the root of those many rules which are so strictly enjoined in Hindu society—that we should take this sort and avoid that sort of food—though in many cases, forgetting their essential substance, the kernel, we are now busy only with quarelling about the shell and keeping watch and ward over it.

Râmânujâchârya asks us to avoid three sorts at defects which, according to him, make food impure.

The first defect is that of the Jâti, i.e. the very nature or the species to which the food belongs, as onion, garlic, and so on. These have an exciting tendency and, when taken, produce restlessness of the mind, or in other words perturb the intellect. The next is that of Âshraya, i.e. the nature of the person from whom the food comes. The food coming from a wicked person will make one impure and think wicked thoughts, while the food coming from a good man will elevate one’s thoughts. Then the other is Nimitta-dosha, i.e. impurity in food due to such agents in it as dirt and dust, worms or hair; taking such food also makes the mind impure. Of these three defects, anyone can eschew the Jati and the Nimitta, but it is not easy for all to avoid the Ashraya.

This is the part of the writings on Shruti and Ramanuja.

Pothi Padh Padh Kar Jag Mua — Reading books everyone died

Pothi Padh Padh Kar Jag Mua, Pandit Bhayo Na Koye
Dhai Aakhar Prem Ke, Jo Padhe so Pandit Hoye


Reading books everyone died, none became any wise
One who reads the word of Love, only becomes wise

First of all 1000 salutes to Kabirji. These two lines are called “doha”, which is a specific form of writing poems. The poet writes his feelings in one “doha”, two lines.

In the above “doha” Kabirji tells the importance of love. All of us read many books, many of us have added number of degrees behind their name. Many of us would be earning a handsome amount. But how much lovely we are? If we don’t go to office will anyone in our staff miss us? Will our presence make the atmosphere meaningful? Are there anyone around us who will count upon us?

If answer to above questions and other such questions is NO then you should try to change yourself.

Kabirji is a saint who dared to tell everyone that merely reading vedas, books and becoming learned is not important. You should be loveable. After you die no one will remember for your knowledge, degrees you have acquired but for your loveable attitude. Only those will truely shed tears whom you have healed, touched and helped with love. Only those will keep you in your heart whom you have made smile. Only those will come to help you in your bad times whom you have supported with love and care when required.

So look at each deeds of your for the whole day and notice how loveable you are? Then decide how much you need to change yourself?

Ashraya Dosh — Part 3

The food that you eat generated blood and this blood affects your thinking. Go through some of science white papers and you will learn that its not just a statement but fact. What ever food you eat affects your thinking.

A meat eater is said to be aggressive and a vegetable eater is said to be non-aggressive person. The former’s blood would be hot while the latter’s blood would be cold. Which means, with his thoughts he would be angry person while the other will not be that much angry. Many would jump here telling that they are vegetarian but get anger seats on their nose tips. They would be always ready to kill anyone who makes them angry. Then I would say, please go and read the “Part 2” of this sequence. I bet you would be missing one of the points mentioned in the “Part 2”.

In Bhagavad Puran in the end verses of 1st chapter, you will learn about the formation of human body. In that you will learn who each part gets nourished. If you can’t read or understand it. Here is in simple language. Each part, be it mind, eye, ears, nose, hands, legs, heart any body part, gets nourished with the “QUALITY” of food you take.  So if you miss any quality standard you are prone to “ASHRAYA DOSH”.

Now question will come what will happen if I am prone to “ASHRAYA DOSH”?

1) Your Thoughts would be degraded.

2) Your Speach would be degraded.

3) Your Act would be degraded.

4) You would be indulged in getting money from unfair means.

5) Your words won’t be giving anyone peace and no one would like to be with you.

Many would be speaking bad words, addressing others and elders with bad words, thinking that they are supreme power. Such people are suffering from Ashraya Dosh.  A unhealthy mind results in unhealthy body and unhealthy body, mind together results in unhealthy society.