Ashraya Dosh — Part 3

The food that you eat generated blood and this blood affects your thinking. Go through some of science white papers and you will learn that its not just a statement but fact. What ever food you eat affects your thinking.

A meat eater is said to be aggressive and a vegetable eater is said to be non-aggressive person. The former’s blood would be hot while the latter’s blood would be cold. Which means, with his thoughts he would be angry person while the other will not be that much angry. Many would jump here telling that they are vegetarian but get anger seats on their nose tips. They would be always ready to kill anyone who makes them angry. Then I would say, please go and read the “Part 2” of this sequence. I bet you would be missing one of the points mentioned in the “Part 2”.

In Bhagavad Puran in the end verses of 1st chapter, you will learn about the formation of human body. In that you will learn who each part gets nourished. If you can’t read or understand it. Here is in simple language. Each part, be it mind, eye, ears, nose, hands, legs, heart any body part, gets nourished with the “QUALITY” of food you take.  So if you miss any quality standard you are prone to “ASHRAYA DOSH”.

Now question will come what will happen if I am prone to “ASHRAYA DOSH”?

1) Your Thoughts would be degraded.

2) Your Speach would be degraded.

3) Your Act would be degraded.

4) You would be indulged in getting money from unfair means.

5) Your words won’t be giving anyone peace and no one would like to be with you.

Many would be speaking bad words, addressing others and elders with bad words, thinking that they are supreme power. Such people are suffering from Ashraya Dosh.  A unhealthy mind results in unhealthy body and unhealthy body, mind together results in unhealthy society.


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