My personal experiment to learn about Ashraya Dosh

I had spent one month with a family which

— Don’t unite to lite lamp atleast once a day. Though each of them pray individually if they wish to pray.

— Don’t care to choose good vegetables and food.

— Don’t clean food before cooking and don’t get time to clean dinning table

— Don’t get time to clean temple placed in the house nor time to clean vessels used at the time on Pooja (worshiping God). The greatness is they don’t have time to Clean God’s Statue.

All these was making eligible for Ashraya Dosh, if we take reference of those books and writings.

Effects I have seen in that family

— Children didn’t have sense of talking with elders.

— Food use to get stale within short time period (after all without keeping surrounding clean how can you keep food in the same state for a long time period)

— Minds were restless and were indulged in finding shortcuts to success. (though there is no shortcut to success)

— Thoughts and Acts were Wicked.

— Always making plans to acquire food and funds with unfair means. (cheating, lie, fraud were in blood)

Another Family with whom I spent one month, which

— Use to unite without fail to lite lamp atleast once a day

— Use to eat food together

— Even if they had less Rupees in pocket, they use to make sure they get good quality food

— Put extra efforts to clean food and vegetables.

— Keep kitchen, vessels and dinning table crystal clean.

— Didn’t strictly follow religion but use to clean Statue of God everyday.

Effects I have felt in this house

— As soon as you enter in this house all your senses get calm.

— Mind and thoughts gets filled with fresh thoughts. A sort of peace is being felt.

— Children use to give respect to elders and were ready to serve elders at their best.

— People were pure from heart and were not involved in any cheating and unfair means.

— Truth was their strength and their thoughts were not wicked.

— They were able to happily manage their family budget with their work.

Now from all these posts on Ashraya Dosh, its up to you What you learn and What you follow?


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