Munnabhai MBBS – a Doctor or a Doc cutter

I believe there are certain responsible people in house and in large in society. In house, elder of house, grand parents (if alive) are responsible for good and bad of the people who live in the house. In society doctors, lawyers, teachers hold responsibilities to maintain, build and educate society.  But I have observed couple of things which I believe is not good for such responsible personalities.

Couple of days back, in India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, a Doctor was being arrested for various kind of frauds he had done. This post is not to discuss his frauds. But on the observation related to doctors.

What usually happens when you visit a doctor. You enter inside his consulting room, you will see him buried his nose in some paper. If you greet him you will not get any response back, he will ask you to seat down and then “what happened?”, a first question asked by stone faced doctor.

🙂 Top secrete, their such face makes me laugh on them. 🙂 If any doctor reading this please don’t get angry on me. Take this as my weakness, if i see any hard face, angry face, my first reaction would be a huge smile. I don’t know what funny I find in such rock hard face.

A person would control smile and start speaking problem. If the problem is long to explain, he will loose patient (ofcourse, many would be waiting out), he will show his eagerness to find the symptoms and problems, so he can pen down medicine.

First thing I would like to know from all doctors, are they being taught not to smile. If so then burn all your books. As I believe smile is the first and easy medicine to cure many diseases. How?

Many or all most all run behind money and work for hours spoiling their health. They eat less and work more, they take many tensions, worry unnecessary on many things. Though they would have many things to live life happily they would be doing such things knowingly and unknowingly. First problem would be sleepless nights, which will result into poor digestion, gastric problem, headache, sugar issues, blood pressure issues and then lot. In all this if you observe, people have lost their smile. They have stopped enjoying small things. If you give them a small smile, it will bring warmth between you and your patients.

If you can lend ears to your patients problems, you will learn that the problems is due to above listed issues. When you will lend him ears, you will observe, he would be relaxed and many of his issues would have solution to itself.

But many or most doctors don’t do such things. If I say neither do such things, then I think I am not wrong.

One example is here for your consideration. Miss X, a girl age of 20-21 contacts a doctor who is her family doctor. She was facing an issue since last few days. She was about to complete her graduation and her parents was thinking for her marriage. She wished to study further and work in good companies. But she was not encouraged to do so. People use to explain her about her marriage. In these people there were people who use to break her moral and insult her as well. Daily explanation on such issues and regular meetings with funny characters (for marriage) broke her from her inner side. She had lost hope for further studies and growth. One day she was going to get engaged. But the next day of engagement she found that her fiance is not proper to her. And the engagement broke. Which gave a big issue to those who use to insult her and break her moral. Even her dream broke which she learned to see. Her mental condition got poor and she thought to die. This thought started making its roots in her mind. She was aware of this situation and tries to come out of it. But she was not alone capable of doing so. So she gathered courage and met the doctor. Told him that she is facing such situation. Doctor instead of doing her counseling, understanding her problem and issues, asked her to concentrate on her work and get marry soon. She begged him to help her. But no help was being given to her. Fortunately she together with her friends came out of that situation, but it would have been better if that doctor would have helped her.

When I hear such things, I wish to ask doctor, have you seen Munnabhai MBBS, movie. If yes, then have you learned any thing from that movie? If you have not learned, I wish to ask you a question, are you a doctor or doc cutter (neck cutter)? For this line if you are going to give me bitter medicines then i am going to say 😛


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