Leaving Nest

Many parents complain that my child grew-up and now he or she is going to leave the nest and cry with pain. Are they really leave your nest and you? have you observed birds and animals do they cry for them, if they would be then we don’t know isn’t it? 🙂

But what exactly is “leaving nest” means, is it end of relationship? Can a parent or guardian’s relation end if you stay away from them? If you take some decision on your own, does it mean you are breaking away from them?

When we are living a social life, we are bound by emotions and feeling for each other. Some times such emotions and feelings becomes chain and trap you. Many a times you would have heard some thing like this,

“I am doing this course because my father wants me to do.”

“I am wearing this because my mom wants me to wear it.”

“I am marrying this girl because my mom wants me to marry her.”

“I want a boy child as my mom wants a grandson.”

any many such things. But when following them or laying down against such wish don’t you think you are going against your own happiness.

In the first case, your interest was to study some other subject but you gave priority to your father’s wish.

In the second case, you wish to wear something trendy but wore which your mom wished.

In the third case, you loved someone else or you dreamed about someone else but you buried all your feelings, dreams to make your mom happy.

In the fourth case, you forced your partner to bear a boy child as your mom wished, without thinking that child is a gift of God and gender is not in your hand.

While doing such things, thinking about family, society and people around you have you ever thought, will they stand by you when you are suffering from pain? When you would be dieing?

If your answer is “YES THEY DO or THEY WILL”, then let me say, “YOU ARE DOING YOUR LIFE’S BIGGEST MISTAKE”.

Neither Mother, Father or anyone with whom you have blood relationship will be with you to share your pain, YES its a fact. Mother would pamper you when you would be in pain, may cry on your situation, blame you for the situation, but she will rarely speak about the root cause behind that pain. It is not the case with the person other than you, it is the case with you as well. You, yourself would first go and blame others for your situation but will not look at your fault.

In old age home aged parents complain that they had spent sleepless nights, have buried their dreams, spared their life but in return their kids have left them in old age home. Do these parents seat and try to find out why that happened? What was their fault? Many would not be able to adjust with their kids and life style which THEY THEM SELF WOULD HAVE ENCOURAGED THEM TO LIVE. But instead of looking at their deeds, they will say “MY CHILD HAVE LEFT THE NEST.”

Observe closely, if you are going to make an important decision of your life, first you will be discouraged you will be shown dark side of your decision. Still if you stick to your decision, you will be emotionally blackmailed and even given fear. If you are trapped in all this you will make the decision which they want and then AFTER SOME TIME YOU WILL REPENT. The simple reason for your pain at that time would be you followed others, you didn’t think of what you want, what was your feelings, where was your happiness.  Though we all know, WE CAME ALONE AND WE WILL GO ALONE. Whatever we are doing is just a drama, a play and we have to play our role in best form without getting trapped in emotions, WE ALL  do the same MISTAKE, get trapped in emotions.


2 comments on “Leaving Nest

  1. Hey,

    That’s very true, but i feel all this emotions are part of life, people who are able to express just express and people who are not think that this all is waste. The person who loves us is always possessive, but I think that emotion should also have a wings of freedom where an individual can make or take his own decision.

    • emotions are necessary to live life. but when emotions become life, it starts clutching and you feel suffocation. Then when you try to break this clutch the first hurdle you have to face is “you are leaving me” “you are going away from me” or you may hear “i feel like my child is leaving nest”.

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