Purification of Water

Water is life!!

Any creature on this earth will perish if it doesn’t get water for some time. And we all know its importance. Though it is a reason for life on earth, it can be a cause of death as well. Impurities in water will make you sick and you will be prone to water born diseases, which could take serious form and lead to death.

Source of water on earth is ocean, which is saline, fresh water, which is ground water, icecaps and glaciers. The last option is lakes and rivers. When it rains, most of the water runs down the streets in cities, into drainage. Which would either end at some or the other river or Plautus. In village, it would run down in river which would end in some ocean. In this process earth absorbs most of the part of water, which gets accumulated as under ground water.

It is said that rain water is pure water and usually people accumulate that water. But is it true. Quality of water can only be judged by testing its purity. Testing of water would involve study of salt, chemical, mineral and presence of metal in water. The important test is the test of pH.

pH is a measure of the acidity or basicity of a solution. There are defined standards for pH in drinking water. This standards are defined by environment control authority.

The ancient method of water purification was to bring water at boiling state and then let it cool down and drain the impurities out of water. Even today this method is widely used but it is seen that many impurities or metals don’t get drained out with this method. Even in an survey it was stated that, water purification plants don’t produce pure water. No one is able to achieve the defined standards.

What it makes if we drink impure water? we all know diarrhea, loose motion, vomits, sickness are common diseases. But there could be sever effects on leaver, kidney, skin, eyes and bones because of impurities.


2 comments on “Purification of Water

    • With this there is a need to develop a system to store water and bring the water level under the ground up.
      I think some 60/70 years back there was a town system in which every house helped to collect rain water under the ground.
      Where is that system?

      Even we are cutting trees like anything. This is polluting air and air pollution mixed with rain water makes it impure.

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