A lesson taught by clouds.

Today it was a special day for me. I was flying to Bangalore to attend a workshop. It was my dream to learn about BA and so I was excited to reach there.
I had a direct flight from Ahmedabad to Bangalore and which was going to take me 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was early morning flight, and it rained when I was leaving home.
I reached airport completed all security check-up and other formalities and then took a comfortable seat waiting for boarding announcement. Finally boarding announcement was done and we all started to board in air craft.
I took my seat which was near to wings and luckily got window seat. My heart was delighted to find that seat, after all I was going to spend 2 hours watching sky, clouds and earth from the height. I could feel like I became a child.
All kind of announcements were made in flight and then finally the flight started to walk on run way. I was getting impatient and wished it finish this walk on run away and start take off.
Finally it reached a point from where it was going to take off, suddenly the spead increased and the front of air craft was lifted and then slowly the whole cart was in air. WOW!!! I am in air now. I wished to jump like a little kid. Don’t get mistaken, I had sat in air cart earlier but all the time I become a kid.
If I would have got chance I would have been in air-force or in navy, flying all the time air-crafts or walking on water. But I didn’t get such chance, still I am happy, I am on earth which gives me feel of air and water both when I touch it, it gives the warmth of mother when I feel it.

Then I was in sky, passing each layer of clouds. It looked as if clouds were making cap of that part of land. Slowly I was able to see that craft was passing each layer of cloud and before it was dark due to black clouds but now its bright, sun is there with its bright rays. Then I was 35000 feet above earth and WOW!!! what a view it was. A Heavenly blue sky, with some beautiful color at the edge (where your vision of eyes ends). When I use to stand on top of a hill I could see sky and earth kissing each other. But today I can see clouds have taken form of earth and they are kissing sky. As my craft was progressing towards its destination, I could see lots of clusters of clouds. Some have formation like huge mountain, some have formation like shrubs, some like trees and some other in various other shapes. Some were dark and some were eternally white. It was all delighting my heart. I could see myself becoming a kid again and enjoying that view from the window. I even noticed that many eyes took note of my activity.

There in between clouds and in the sky, I learned a lesson, when you under clouds you look for small small things, but when you are above clouds your vision broadens, now those small things are not in your view, all those small things have disappeared or dissolved to become “one”, ie, “universe”.

So, I thought lets learn not to look up on small small issues in daily life. Lets cultivate a “view of universe”.

The other lesson that I learned from clouds was to be patient, cool and calm. In whatever situation they are, they don’t forget to perform their duties. They tolerate the heat of sun but under them you fell cool, comfortable.

So, I thought lets be like them, even while facing hardship of life I should not lose to be cool and calm. I should be protective shield for my subordinates and handle them with care and love. They should feel comfortable working with me.

After the memories of Kashmir, memories of this sky which is every where present above me, hypnotized me. After Kashmir, I felt like even if death comes here in the sky no questions, no pain or sorrow would be there in my heart. And I thank God for showing me this view of Sky again in my life. As a child I had no idea of what I had seen when I was in flight but today I know I have learnt a lesson that universe is one, it know only one language and it gives peace, love and warmth to all of us who are under that sky.


2 comments on “A lesson taught by clouds.

  1. It was nice to c u on ur blog after a long time. I m mesmerised by imagining ur toddle on clouds. Very less times in my life i ve seen sky as minutely as u have done. May be because its a routine for me. Today i feel i ve wasted hundreds of ours bye not observing ur way. It was a wonderful version of an air travel. I really liked it. And yeah, Feel proud to be holding earth so tightly, as to those, who work in air force or navy, have to walk on earth finally.

    • Thanks for appreciation. I wish I would have got chance to work in air force or would have become pilot or crew member of commercial craft. Then I would have learned a lot from sky. At one stage I felt I was in silence of cloud. I was feeling silence of clouds and tried to communicate with them in their language. It had lots of things to say. I wish I could have learnt more.

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