Is it Sin

Some days back a good friend of mine referred me a novel, “The Thorn Birds”. I was given an overview of the story and asked to read it. Many of us would know about it. If not, I am just posting a brief of this novel here.

It is a story of an ambitious priest who falls in love with a beautiful lady much younger than him and who grew up in his care. Priest Ralph was handsome, dashing person. Any woman who saw him use to fall in love with him. He was a perfect man for them. But he was ambitious and wanted to be priest. It is order of God that if you serve him and love him you can’t love any other woman. You can’t think of woman. He use to follow this strictly. His vow was not broken by the desire of beautiful women who were behind him. He once meet a family in which there was a little girl Meggie. Ralph was a young man and Meggie a little child when they first met each other and felt feeling for each other. Their affection was clearly seen in their eyes. Meggie lots her dear ones in the course of time but Ralph continued to support her. Meggie grew up as a beautiful lady and their affection grew up as love. Ralph unknowingly being attached with this love. Meggie requests him to marry but Ralph determined to be Priest went away from him. Meggie got married but she was not happy. Ralph decides to meet Meggie and asks her to forgive her. They lived together as husband and wife for few days and Ralph left for church. Meggie gave birth to Ralph’s child but never informed him about this. After a long time when Ralph was very old and hold a highest post in Church they meet each other in a grave yard. Where Ralph recalls about Meggie’s love, she had been in intense pain all the time she met Ralph but in that pain she was able to give true love with affection. He had pain in his heart that he spent his whole life serving God and following vows but he ruined all that service and love by sharing that love with a lady. He dies with this pain in heart.

The question is, was that a sin? According to me it was not a sin. Meggie’s feelings were innocent, her love was pure. Even Ralph had accepted that he was ambitious to ignore her love which she use to give when she was in pain. She faced world and gave birth of Ralph’s child, if she would have told this to world Ralph would not be able to achieve his ambition. Meggie had asked Ralph to marry her because she wanted a family, husband and kids, like other women. Ralph had the same feeling for her. He came back to her to express that feeling and love but his ambition ruled over him and he left her with heavy heart. Leaving her was sin but loving her was not sin. I believe no religious book says that you ignore true love and feeling and stick to your goal and ambition.

Love Me

🙂 What an irony I am back on this to write about love again.

Again today a friend and well wisher have prayed in temple for me. Instead of asking for good health, wealth or brain, she has asked God to make be believe in love. With this prayer there are many hands and heart that have till now prayed for me and in their prayer they have asked God to bless me with “love” and make me believe in love. I sincerely thank all those hearts and hands who raised for prayer. I sincerely pray God to bless you all with happiness, peace and prosperity.

I am not writing this post to thank you all or pray for you all. But want to ask you all a question. What is LOVE?

One gentleman gave me a movie called “hal-e-dil” nice movie. One lady gave me an example of a person who has expressed his love. Another lady told her love story and one lady told how she would like to fall in love all over again and how she lost her love, all this continued….. So I decided to watch movies. I saw few movies where they show love. I listened all those who say they love someone or in love.

One thing was common, either of them was good looking, cute and smart or both were smart, either of them was poor or both were poor or rich. They met each other, fought over various issues, then realized that they want to live with each other and they thought they are in love and then they either married or had physical relationship. Spent time and then separated or in some cases lived with each other as they had no choice.

The common part was to get into physical relationship, which they termed as love. What is love? Is it getting in to physical relationship or marrying a person who is rich or who is smart or good looking?

It was very strange to know that they believed that physical relationship is the most important part of their life(love life). “Physical Relationship” for a common man is a game of maximum 5 minutes but is a yoga. How can this a game of 5 minutes be love, which is deep like ocean, wast like sky and purest of all pure things? I feel like it is a sickness to term kissing or getting involved in game of 5 minute as love. To such people I want to ask a question, prostitutes play this 5 minute game, can you say that they sell love? Let me put in better words, can you say that they reduce your burden of pockets by giving you love?

If this is love then I am really thankful to God that he has not given me anyone whom i love. Thank you God for you have not given me faith in such love.

Love brings two soul together, love teaches you to be cool, calm, patience, fight. When you love someone you would like to walk in moon light, rain, sun, hold hands of other to enjoy morning star, evening sky, sunset and every element of nature. You get someone with whom you share your smile, tears and ups-downs of life. In summary love is uniting together to share strengths and face the challenges of life. But when physical relationship is in the center of love or when physical relationship wears face of love, I believe it is not love but an ugly hunger for body.

I referred physical relationship as yoga above. Yes, it is a yoga. No one would have observed this. In yoga, person will be taught to control his breath (vyau) in their body. The two people involved in physical relationship unconsciously enters into yoga. They unknowingly start controlling their breath, centralize their energies in one center. As they are not Excellent Practitioner of Yoga they are not able to keep that energy centralized at one point for long time. I am sure all of them would never observed that for one second they feel so relaxed, peaceful and calm that all their issues in their brain and heart would come to an end. And for sure they would not have noticed that their body gets filled with fresh energy.  After coming out of this yoga they feel very good or relaxed and most time they feel sleepy. The reason is all their senses have released tensions or exertions it was into. Everything within them have become peaceful and their unconscious mind takes them to a new world where they can find eternal peace. But their conscious mind is not able to walk with that unconscious mind.

To me both Love and Physical Relationship is like worshiping God. And when sick people make Physical Relationship as the center of love then I feel pity on them. To them I want to ask one more question, What do you find to good in this bag of skin filled with bones and muscles which will loose its beauty and strength one day. What do you find to attractive in this bag which will leave you. And most important which is not yours? 🙂

Yes, if i take base of the theory of re-incarnation then this bag of skin filled with bones and muscles is just a vessel which is being used by thoughts to accomplish their tasks.

To those for whom physical pleasure is love, I can just pray for you, you are running behind “kasturi” which you could have got if you would have understood that playing with body is not love.

Money-biggest of all

It is said, “सबसे बड़ा रुपैया” (“The biggest is rupaiya”).

Isn’t it being wisely said. Money the creation of human beings only useful to human being is given so importance that it has become the biggest of all.

Shall I define Money here (economists please don’t pull your hair after reading this definition and I am not insane, so before jumping on to any conclusion please think properly on the definition)

Money according to me is a 4 whealer vehicle which is overloaded with tension, worries, anxiety, insecurity, troubles and lot more. The question comes how it is 4 whealer and not 2 whealer. Simple, take a currency note, put it on the desk, take coins and put them on the bottom edges of note, your vehicle is ready.  If you will miss the driver seat, you will have to run behind this vehicle, otherwise you will drive this vehicle.

I guess the inventor of currency would have invented it to give accurate value of any object or substance. Which is extended to value of efforts. While valuing objects or substances, today it is being used to value feelings, emotions, and life.

Parents want value of their love, Siblings want value of their care and love, Husband want value of being Husband, Wife want value of being Wife.

Question will come how? I have seen a Mother tell her Son, “do you know how much pain I have taken to brought you up. I have not bought new sari just to spend for your demands or education. Now you have to buy me every month a new sari” WOW GREAT MOM!! Shouldn’t she ask to pay for her milk?

I have seen a Sister telling his Brother, “for your education, I had taken loan and have paid cutting all my expenses. I didn’t go to movie, outing and paid that loan. Now you have to pay me back”. Shouldn’t she pay him for taking vow to protect her whenever required?

I have come across Husbands which tell their wives, “you should give me money without asking question, I am your husband, all your money is mine.” If all her is yours then all yours is her, why to give you anything? Show your male-hood and earn on your own.

I have seen Wives telling their Husband, “you have not allowed me to work and so i have cut my expenses, at my dad’s house I use to be free to buy anything, enjoy anytime and anywhere.” It seems you are not being taught the importance and value of money.

What is the need of an human being, bread, water, clothes and shelter. To fulfill this need how much money do you need? Anyone can adjust easily in whatever he earns if he is satisfied with what he have.

I have seen people buried in worries to get more salary and more money, they play various tricks to earn money. After getting 100 rupees they think of getting 1000 rupees then 10000 and so on. But if you ask them what will you do after you earn billion, they will simply say, i will buy two cars, house, go for foreign trip and then put efforts to earn more. The question still remain, with that more money what will you do? Answer could be invest in my business and earn more, but the question still remain. There is no end to this.

No matter how much importance you give to money, it will never help you buy true feelings, love, care and most important peace.

First Sickness in me

My profession has asked me to become active on internet communities to find prospects for my company. Though it is a dull job, pure my feeling. I do this job. I started making myself active on various communities. Within few days, I started getting requests from around the world to join my network. In those requests some were not of my religion.

Upon getting such very first request, I blindly declined that request just looking at the religion. Then I got few more such requests, I declined couple of them, but suddenly my inner asked me a question, “why are you terminating those requests? just because they are not of same religion? Does religion matter when you communicate with people?” Answer was “NO, it doesn’t matter and there was no reason to decline requests merely based on religion.” I felt shame of my deed. I stopped declining requests based on religion.

Then I looked back on my deeds and noticed that many a times I have done injustice to others may be because of their religion. I mean I kept distance because of religion. I had no answer to my questions, “what difference makes religion? Aren’t they teaching you the same?” and I decided to change. Religion, diet or continents don’t change you from being human, but your perception and thinking changes from human being to animal or devil.

I ask God and those souls to forgive me for I ignored them because of my silly thinking related to religion.

Did you invite Ganesha

Surprised!!! many would say, we don’t believe in such things and many would say we don’t have time, some would say we had invited last year or for some XYZ years. When I pass through Ganesha status at various “pandals” a question comes to my mind, “Did I invite Ganesha in my life?”

Many of us invite Ganesha to “pandals” but have we ever invited Ganesha in our life? I guess everyone will not be able to answer this question. But I know rarely anyone of us would have invited Ganesh in their life and requested him to stay in their life. Before it becomes fishing, let me explain what I mean.

We know Ganesha is a scholar and he the lord of Prosperity and Happiness. Ganesha have a simple way to teach big lesson. Have you asked yourself why Ganesha have face like elephant? I am sure someone would tell me that mythological story. But can this be possible that a human being’s head get transplanted with the head of elephant? There are lots of scientific issues attached to it which may prove that actually it is difficult or impossible. But it has some symbolism to explain some concept.

He wants to teach you to think big, think productive, keep eyes on goals, listen to each and every word but follow only good words and comments. He wants to say, speak less and do more work. Face all the situations with bravery and adapt to any situation with ease.
He wants you to be attached with your goal. He wants to you to work dedicatly on your goal with honesty and truth and welcome all good and bad situation with smile on face. He knows your heart will always try to distract and so he want to teach you to control your desire.
If you invite him in life, adopt his lessons and strictly follow them, you will always be blessed by him, he will stay in your life. And you will find pleasures of world under your feet. You will grow up so high that fragrance of your deeds will spread in the world and you will never see sadness in your life.

This year, I want to invite Ganesha in my life not in “pandals”. I want to follow his teachings, Think Productive, Think Good, Focus on Goal, Be a Good Listener, Cultivate my Brain with Good Comments, Want to Speak Less and Work More, Keep Focus on Work, Want to be Strong to Face any Situation and Adapt to any Situation, Want to Get Attached with Goal, Control Desires and Digest all Good and Bad Events of Life, View all Good and Bad Events of Life equally.

Oh! Ganesha, Shall I invite you to bless me and give me strength to follow your lesson, strength to do this “Sadhana”?

Ganesha Chaturthi(Vinayaka Chaturthi)

If I am not mistaken this festival was celebrated with lots of pomp after Lok Manya Tilak promoted celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi during freedom fight.

The festival is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Bhaadrapada, starting on the shukla chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon period).

I bow to The Lord of all Lord and share the lesson here under he conveys us…..

On this occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi I would like to share symbolism of Ganesha.

Head of Ganesha is Big which symbolizes Think Big. Your thoughts should be broad, you should think good and big. Don’t waste time in talking about others, commenting on others, instead do some thing productive.

Eyes of Ganesha is Small which symbolizes Concentration. Concentrate on your Goals, Aims. Don’t look away from your goals or aims. Any thing that distracts you from your goal should be avoided.

Ears of Ganesha is Large which symbolizes Listen More. Always be a good listener. Lend ears to each and every thing and apply your brain before reacting or acting on what you listened. Always be ready to lend ears to sorrows, complains and happy moments of everyone you know. I believe by doing this you reduce pain in other’s heart and others feel comfortable to you. Also before giving any comment or jumping onto any conclusion you should lend ears to each and every situation. Be a patient listener.

One Tusk of Ganesha Symbolizes Retain Good Throw Away Bad. After you have heard on every situation, heard comments from every one, retain good things in your mind and throw way poor comments. Your mind is a fertile field cultivate it with good thoughts. People will try to throw weeds of poor thoughts, anger, jealousy etc, which will make your fertile land useless, don’t let them plant such things, cleverly throw such things out of mind.

Small Mouth of Ganesh Symbolizes Talk Less. Listen everything, retain everything which is good and speak only whenever required, where ever required. Don’t jump up in any communication, people will not entertain you. It is an old saying “Na bole ema Nav Guana” (Those who don’t talk much have nine type of qualities)

Trunk of Ganesh Symbolizes High Efficiency and Adaptability. Trunk is the symbol of power and efficiency. Develop efficiency to face any thing and everything in life with a smile on face. Be adaptable to changes. Be flexible. Don’t tie yourself in rigidities.

Axe in one had Symbolizes Cut off all bonds of attachment. Keep bond with you in this world. All the relationships on this earth are Myth. Play your role thinking you are an actor and try to play it in the best form. Never get attached with materialist pleasures or never get attached with any relationship. Nothing is yours, you will leave everything one day behind to go ahead.

Rope in another Hand Symbolizes Pull yourself nearer to the highest Goal. If God feels proud of you after you have lived your life then think you have achieved the Highest Goal of Life. Don’t make money or materialist pleasures goal of your life as they will come to you in the proportion you deserve them. This life is precious, you get it once, to prove that whatever strength you are given to you, you utilized them in best and tried to be a best beast on this earth.

Another Hand for Blessings Symbolizes You are always being Blessed and Protected on Spiritual Path to Supreme. If you are walking on the path of Truth and Honesty to become the best beast on this earth, to utilize given strength in best way, you will always be blessed and protected. If you follow this path, you will never be required to plead God to protect you, to be with you.

Modaka in Another Hand Symbolizes Rewards of Sadhana. If you follow the above mentioned path, you are doing Sadhana, and God will always be ready to give you rewards of this Sadhana. He will never let you down. He will never wait you for rewards.

Large Stomach of Ganesha Symbolizes Peacefully Digest all Good and Bad in Life. On the path of Sadhana you will find all type of difficulties. God will put you into various situations to check you, try to give your best in all the situations. Don’t get panic when you are in bad situation and don’t get excited when you are happy. Tears and Smile never remains forever.

Mouse Symbolizes Desire. Ganesha says control your desires otherwise it will cause havoc. If desires will rule over you, you will never be able to achieve the goal of life. So don’t let desires rule over you. Know your limits and be in your limits.

Prasada Symbolizes The Whole World is at your feet and for your asking. If you are Following all the above stated Points, World will bow down to your feet. Nothing will be impossible for you.

May Ganesha Bless You!!!

what is worst than loosing everything

I believe all of us would have received this SMS related to Swami Vivekananda, which tells his reply was “loosing the hope of getting things back”.

I feel one one thing is worst than loosing everything, that is “loosing yourself. Loosing “you” within “you”” is worst. As I think that when you loose yourself you loose the confidence and the hope to get things back. Loosing your on confidence on yourself is much more than death. When one dies, his thoughts, his feelings, his body everything dies. But when your confidence on yourself dies, you become like a dead body which knows how to breath monotonously.

You can easily recover from the break-ups or set backs in life but when you loose yourself in the crowd, break-up with yourself , you find it difficult to forgive yourself. You can’t give punishment to yourself, even you can’t show your anger against you. You start cutting contacts with people around you and start digging up in your own world, fighting with yourself.

And when you start turning off from everything, everything becomes meaningless, you doubt on your existence and hate your existence. Your soul finds your body as cage. Nothing soothes you and you wish to quit. But it is difficult to quit as well.

This situation comes when you have kept blind trust on others, when you have bestowed too much of faith on others and when this trust/faith breaks into millions of pieces. When your dreams breaks into millions of pieces and when all the relations around you show their true faces.

Those who loose themselves need support, moral support, a motto to work upon to regain the confidence. Everything in them self is there where it was but they are unable to perform or prove their capability. So the need is to be with them, boost their confidence. They need emotional support as well.

So I believe the worst thing is this world is to loose yourself.


Divorce — “What is the end of Marriage?’

This was written on the advertisement posted at the back of an auto.

Today I happen to travel by auto rickshaw. Ahead of my vehicle there was another auto rickshaw which had an above stated ad. It might be some daily soap telecasted on television. The question made me write this.

I agree with the statement “Marriage is the biggest mystery”. I have heard many rather most telling that some times they feel they are in heaven after marriage and every one should to marriage and some times they feel like this is the biggest mistake of their life. All such statements shows that we like when others do what we want and we don’t like when other do what they like which is against our wish.

It is easy to marry anyone wearing faces on your original face but how many days can you keep such make-up on your face?

That ad made me ask them a questions, “what do you think is marriage a deal or contract with expiry conditions?”

I have observed 3 different generations. First generation belongs to the group of 1970’s and 1980’s, second generation belongs to the group of 1990’s and 2000 and third generation belongs to the group who married after 2000. One most important thing to note was the tolerance capacity. In the first generation group tolerance capacity of both men and women was good, specially women. They use to tolerate a lot and their willingness to compromise and adjust was good. Which decreased in the second generation group people and in third generation group people it is at alarming state.

Second thing to observe was “acceptance”. In first generation I had seen that boy’s family members were putting more efforts to make atmosphere homely for the newly wed bride. All tried to co-operate with her or she use to get support from family, some where, some how. Which decreased in later two generations.

Third thing most important of all is “TRUTH and LOYALTY”. There is a drastic and vast difference between third generation group people and the former two groups. Today hardly husband and wife speak truth to each other, they try to conceal their past life or any act which contains controversy.  It is seen that mostly couples today are working and either male or female or both find suitable match in their work environment and try to develop relationships with them. We can say family value have become zero. Those who speak of family values hardly know what is family value. I have seen a family where if you ask mother to swear on the name of God and tell who is the father of her kids, I fear the fact which would come out would ruin whole family. Any one can make out that the two child have different face from their parents and can raise this doubt.

To get into relationship is easy but to maintain relationship is difficult. To build a relationship you need to give “space/freedom”, which acts like land. Nourish the plant of relationship with “trust”, “honesty”, “loyalty” and feeling to “do anything for each other”. Both should be able to accept each other in the form they are.
One thing to observe is, life cycle of human being is something like this, birth, childhood (education), teenage(education), young age(job + marriage) and then marry kids and become grandparents.

This has made marriage as an act. Isn’t it? When some thing becomes an act, one will not be able to find interest in it and will not be able to vein responsibility associated to it rather it would be difficult to recognize the responsibility associated with it.

And marriage brings a lots of responsibility on the shoulder of men and women. While writing this one incident comes to my mind.

Example:: I happen to talk with a wife of my friend some 9 months back. She is living with her in-laws and husband. Her husband’s brother live separate in different state. The family is small but still she have complains, “it is boring to work in kitchen, every one have different taste, his family is small… blah… blah…” with “some times I ask myself for this I married? then I tell myself I have married and I should learn to live this life.”

I wished to ask her, “why did you marry?, did you marry him looking at his salary or his looks or brain or family?” very funny, when you have everything in your plate you still complain that you have to eat this or your plate is small or the food is cold/hot or spices are more/less. After hearing this complain and her question “for this i married?” I felt its is good and I should appreciate those who complain after being abused by their in-laws and husband. “how can a full stomach understand the pain of hunger?”

There is no end condition or end to marriage. It is a bond between two souls but exceptions are there. When people make marriage a business then there has to be clause to terminate it, when people make marriage a way to earn money or ATM then there has to be limit to it, when people make strategies for marriage then there has to be a condition of failure with that strategy.

I am totally with Osho on marriage, as it is better not to marry anyone and cheat than to be free and freak with anyone you like, go behind anyone and get involved with anyone till you like and then quit with mutual consent for mutual happiness. And if marriage is a legal approval letter to get physically involved with some one inside 4 walls and then sniff for such pleasure outside 4 walls then I totally disagree with marriage and the marriage system. I even disagree with this system when it becomes an ATM for man to get money from woman, or when it becomes pleasure time for woman where she enjoys, food, lavish life on the money of man.

Divorce papers are just a letter stating that both those who lived under one roof will not be able to live under one roof until they both decide to tear the paper into pieces. I have heard from a lawyer friend that she had solved a case of 75 year old man who wanted divorce from his 72 year old wife. He wished to remarry and he realized at the age of 75 that he can’t live his life with his wife. What you did till 75 years?

It is hard for me to understand the changing meaning of marriage and divorce.

I went to search for crooked

let me liberateBura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye
Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye

English Version::

I searched for the crooked, met not a single one
When searched myself, “I” found the crooked one

I meet with a boy who was being cheated. He was not crying but he was sad. He was in his deep thought. I went to him thinking I can help him out. I asked him what happened he told his story. How he was cheated. It was his own sister and brother who washed his brain, with empty brain he went to take the challenge. He knew he would be punished if he do so, but still he went ahead to take the challenge. As his mind was ruled by the words of his brother and sister. As expected he failed to prove the challenge and the result was horrible. It was worst than expected. Now he was trying to find out whom should he blame for his condition.

I was listening thinking that it would be good at this moment to lend him ears, after he finish I may put my point.

He told he thought a lot, if he blames his brother and sister then too he finds his own fault first. I asked “why?”

He told, “didi, they were putting weeds in my brain, they were forcing me to take up such steps and I did so. So whose fault is there, its mine. I should have taken care of not listening them.” I could just nod my head as he was right.

He continued, “If I blame those people with whom I played that challenge then too I find my fault.” I asked “why?”

He told, “didi, they have never forced me to take challenge with them, while talking to them my mind had given me the idea of the result, though it was not as worst as the actual result but never the less I had idea of the result. So in directly they had also given me hint of the worst result but it was me and only me who kept driving me to accept that challenge and so I am at fault.” I could only nod as I knew he was right.

Then I asked “why are you worried then?”, he told, “When we know others are at fault, how easily we give them punishment but when we know we are fault why can’t we give ourselves punishment?” I had no answer for this or may be I was not willing to answer him, so remained silent for a while and tried to diver his mind.

We all find faults in others all the time, if we meet with an accident, we first of tell, that person was coming in wrong side, had not shown signal  or was driving very fast and gently put, I was driving slowly and was trying to protect that person or protect kids or cat or dog or i was not aware of how he took all of a sudden turn and we meet with accident. All sorts of excuses. But have we honestly tried to put what was our fault?

In women one thing is common, if they gather in some social meeting or religious meeting, they would start finding faults of their daughter-in-laws, they would find faults of daughters of their neighbors and faults in all other spices in this world. But if you ask them what is your fault or ask them to look their face in the mirror and find some faults then, what would be the outcome? I am sure, they will break mirror or atleast break my head.

I have been into such situations where I had blamed many, but i remember my soul have always asked me to look at me first. There are certain events at which I was not able to say sorry for my blames but there are events where I have either not blamed or would have asked for sorry.

With this line of Kabirji, I remember “those whose house is of glasses should not throw stones on others’ house”. Gita also says, forget “I”, “My” and learn “we”, “our”.

Cold and Cough

Cold and Cough is a common diseases which we catch-up easily with climate change or if we are in to dusty atmosphere.

Through nose we smell and bring in oxygen into our blood. The air which is around us contains dust and viral bacteria within it. The atmosphere if it is dry it will make cells in your nose dry and if may happen that the air which you breath will not be filtered. This will make you catch up cold. If the atmosphere is moist it will irritate your senses and generate bacteria, resultant is cold and cough.

There are few easy to get medicines which you can take when trapped by cold and cough or on the verge of getting cold or cough.

1) Take 1 cup normal water mix 1/4 table spoon of carom seeds (ajwain) with 2 black pepper crushed to pieces with 4-5 holi basil leaves (tulsi leaves) and 1/2 table spoon ginger powder(sonth powder). Boil the mixture till it is half cup and drink it hot. Don’t Drink Water for atleast 1 hour.

2) If child under the age of 10 years have caught cold. Take 1/4 piece of ginger, crush and take out its juice, add 1/2 drops of lemon in the juice with 2/3 drops of honey. Mix it well and make the child lick the juice. Don’t Drink Water for atleast 1 hour.

3) Sitopladi Churan (could be found at any Ayurvedic Store). Take 1 table spoon this powder mix it with clarified butter (ghee), if you can get cow ghee it is good. Mix it well and lick it. Don’t Drink Water for atleast 1 hour.

4) For adults only:: Take 3-4 large leaves of Ardusi leaves, with 3-4 holi basil leaves (tulsi leaves) and 1/2 table spoon ginger powder(sonth powder), 1-2 black pepper crushed into pieces with 1 cup water. Boil the mixture till it is half cup and drink it hot. Don’t Drink Water for atleast 1 hour.

5) For adults…. this is a 7 day process…

Day 1: take 7 leaves of holi basil (tulsi) chew them with black pepper

Day 2: take 6 leaves of holi basil (tulsi) chew them with black pepper

Continue this process till the number of leaf is 1. Check if you still have cold, repeat the process this time start with 1 leaf and end at 7 leaves.

6) If you have soar throat, keep licking the powder of Jethimadh till you feel better or You can follow point number 3 mentioned above. Or you can keep the seed of date in your mouth or you can lick clarified butter (ghee) from time to time to clean your throat.

Please Note:: Above mentioned rem ides are tested but if you are following them you should consult some doctor who knows about these herbs.