God Bless You

It was Wednesday and I came office early so that I can leave for home early. It was 5 in the evening when I packed my bags and hurried towards home. I was near a circle on elisbridge. Traffic was less or negligible. There were two men on the other side of the road. I happen to stop on the other side to let some vehicles pass.

Suddenly my eyes took note of those two men. One of them was facing me and other was on the opposite side. The one facing me made a comment and tried to tell me something with gesture.

It was not good and progesterone would have burned in flames in normal condition. But someone inside me spoke to me, be cool. It doesn’t matter you are a player and they are audiences who will make noise, ignore them and continue the game, focus on your game.

What magic these words made on progesterone, i could feel that they worked like ice on the about to burn progesterone and all was cool. No fumes and signs of flames. Only my lips ushered “God Bless You”.

Ofcourse, that fellow didn’t knew what he was doing, from clothes he looked like executive or would be at some good position but from behavior he looked like a slum worker. He needed blessing of God.

If that someone in me would not have controlled progesterone, I would have spoiled my mood and then would have spoiled evening, even would have bestowed others with fumes. But with few simple words, I saved a disaster, disaster with me atleast.

And I knew some where I have learned to control emotions and limit my actions. Where such situations comes when I see some insane actions of people I just end them replying “God Bless You”


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