what is worst than loosing everything

I believe all of us would have received this SMS related to Swami Vivekananda, which tells his reply was “loosing the hope of getting things back”.

I feel one one thing is worst than loosing everything, that is “loosing yourself. Loosing “you” within “you”” is worst. As I think that when you loose yourself you loose the confidence and the hope to get things back. Loosing your on confidence on yourself is much more than death. When one dies, his thoughts, his feelings, his body everything dies. But when your confidence on yourself dies, you become like a dead body which knows how to breath monotonously.

You can easily recover from the break-ups or set backs in life but when you loose yourself in the crowd, break-up with yourself , you find it difficult to forgive yourself. You can’t give punishment to yourself, even you can’t show your anger against you. You start cutting contacts with people around you and start digging up in your own world, fighting with yourself.

And when you start turning off from everything, everything becomes meaningless, you doubt on your existence and hate your existence. Your soul finds your body as cage. Nothing soothes you and you wish to quit. But it is difficult to quit as well.

This situation comes when you have kept blind trust on others, when you have bestowed too much of faith on others and when this trust/faith breaks into millions of pieces. When your dreams breaks into millions of pieces and when all the relations around you show their true faces.

Those who loose themselves need support, moral support, a motto to work upon to regain the confidence. Everything in them self is there where it was but they are unable to perform or prove their capability. So the need is to be with them, boost their confidence. They need emotional support as well.

So I believe the worst thing is this world is to loose yourself.


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