Did you invite Ganesha

Surprised!!! many would say, we don’t believe in such things and many would say we don’t have time, some would say we had invited last year or for some XYZ years. When I pass through Ganesha status at various “pandals” a question comes to my mind, “Did I invite Ganesha in my life?”

Many of us invite Ganesha to “pandals” but have we ever invited Ganesha in our life? I guess everyone will not be able to answer this question. But I know rarely anyone of us would have invited Ganesh in their life and requested him to stay in their life. Before it becomes fishing, let me explain what I mean.

We know Ganesha is a scholar and he the lord of Prosperity and Happiness. Ganesha have a simple way to teach big lesson. Have you asked yourself why Ganesha have face like elephant? I am sure someone would tell me that mythological story. But can this be possible that a human being’s head get transplanted with the head of elephant? There are lots of scientific issues attached to it which may prove that actually it is difficult or impossible. But it has some symbolism to explain some concept.

He wants to teach you to think big, think productive, keep eyes on goals, listen to each and every word but follow only good words and comments. He wants to say, speak less and do more work. Face all the situations with bravery and adapt to any situation with ease.
He wants you to be attached with your goal. He wants to you to work dedicatly on your goal with honesty and truth and welcome all good and bad situation with smile on face. He knows your heart will always try to distract and so he want to teach you to control your desire.
If you invite him in life, adopt his lessons and strictly follow them, you will always be blessed by him, he will stay in your life. And you will find pleasures of world under your feet. You will grow up so high that fragrance of your deeds will spread in the world and you will never see sadness in your life.

This year, I want to invite Ganesha in my life not in “pandals”. I want to follow his teachings, Think Productive, Think Good, Focus on Goal, Be a Good Listener, Cultivate my Brain with Good Comments, Want to Speak Less and Work More, Keep Focus on Work, Want to be Strong to Face any Situation and Adapt to any Situation, Want to Get Attached with Goal, Control Desires and Digest all Good and Bad Events of Life, View all Good and Bad Events of Life equally.

Oh! Ganesha, Shall I invite you to bless me and give me strength to follow your lesson, strength to do this “Sadhana”?


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