First Sickness in me

My profession has asked me to become active on internet communities to find prospects for my company. Though it is a dull job, pure my feeling. I do this job. I started making myself active on various communities. Within few days, I started getting requests from around the world to join my network. In those requests some were not of my religion.

Upon getting such very first request, I blindly declined that request just looking at the religion. Then I got few more such requests, I declined couple of them, but suddenly my inner asked me a question, “why are you terminating those requests? just because they are not of same religion? Does religion matter when you communicate with people?” Answer was “NO, it doesn’t matter and there was no reason to decline requests merely based on religion.” I felt shame of my deed. I stopped declining requests based on religion.

Then I looked back on my deeds and noticed that many a times I have done injustice to others may be because of their religion. I mean I kept distance because of religion. I had no answer to my questions, “what difference makes religion? Aren’t they teaching you the same?” and I decided to change. Religion, diet or continents don’t change you from being human, but your perception and thinking changes from human being to animal or devil.

I ask God and those souls to forgive me for I ignored them because of my silly thinking related to religion.


3 comments on “First Sickness in me

  1. Religion does not say that you do not tolerate other religion.In Bhagawadgita Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that follow your Dharma as that will keep you safe and steady in your journey of life.Unfortunately we fail to follow our ancient dharmas and scriptures,stay in a world of total detatchment,without bothering about others around us.This gives pain to Lord as HE likes people who love others as they love their near and dear ones.
    So to achieve total fulfillment in life try to meet people of other religions,talk to them,understand them,take good from your discussion,leave the un-necessary back.

    When we take sugar-cane ,do we eat totally?.NO.We take only the juice and leave the pulp,which is waste.So,it is our vivek and gyan which teaches us to separate useful items from waste material.That is called accept good,leave bad as it is,go ahead.

  2. Ramakrishna Ji I didnt find any link between the Krishna saying u mentioned and the message u explain. And admin Galti to insaan se hi hoti hai.

    • @Anu
      First of all what Ramakrishnaji told is correct. What Krishna told Arjuna in the battle field is not only related to inspiring Arjuna to pick up the weapon and fight, it was also related to the psychology Arjuna and all of us go through in our life.
      Knowingly and unknowing we get distracted from the true path.

      True, human beings are prone to mistakes. But to be a ‘human’, one need to realize the mistake and correct himself.

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