Money-biggest of all

It is said, “सबसे बड़ा रुपैया” (“The biggest is rupaiya”).

Isn’t it being wisely said. Money the creation of human beings only useful to human being is given so importance that it has become the biggest of all.

Shall I define Money here (economists please don’t pull your hair after reading this definition and I am not insane, so before jumping on to any conclusion please think properly on the definition)

Money according to me is a 4 whealer vehicle which is overloaded with tension, worries, anxiety, insecurity, troubles and lot more. The question comes how it is 4 whealer and not 2 whealer. Simple, take a currency note, put it on the desk, take coins and put them on the bottom edges of note, your vehicle is ready.  If you will miss the driver seat, you will have to run behind this vehicle, otherwise you will drive this vehicle.

I guess the inventor of currency would have invented it to give accurate value of any object or substance. Which is extended to value of efforts. While valuing objects or substances, today it is being used to value feelings, emotions, and life.

Parents want value of their love, Siblings want value of their care and love, Husband want value of being Husband, Wife want value of being Wife.

Question will come how? I have seen a Mother tell her Son, “do you know how much pain I have taken to brought you up. I have not bought new sari just to spend for your demands or education. Now you have to buy me every month a new sari” WOW GREAT MOM!! Shouldn’t she ask to pay for her milk?

I have seen a Sister telling his Brother, “for your education, I had taken loan and have paid cutting all my expenses. I didn’t go to movie, outing and paid that loan. Now you have to pay me back”. Shouldn’t she pay him for taking vow to protect her whenever required?

I have come across Husbands which tell their wives, “you should give me money without asking question, I am your husband, all your money is mine.” If all her is yours then all yours is her, why to give you anything? Show your male-hood and earn on your own.

I have seen Wives telling their Husband, “you have not allowed me to work and so i have cut my expenses, at my dad’s house I use to be free to buy anything, enjoy anytime and anywhere.” It seems you are not being taught the importance and value of money.

What is the need of an human being, bread, water, clothes and shelter. To fulfill this need how much money do you need? Anyone can adjust easily in whatever he earns if he is satisfied with what he have.

I have seen people buried in worries to get more salary and more money, they play various tricks to earn money. After getting 100 rupees they think of getting 1000 rupees then 10000 and so on. But if you ask them what will you do after you earn billion, they will simply say, i will buy two cars, house, go for foreign trip and then put efforts to earn more. The question still remain, with that more money what will you do? Answer could be invest in my business and earn more, but the question still remain. There is no end to this.

No matter how much importance you give to money, it will never help you buy true feelings, love, care and most important peace.


One comment on “Money-biggest of all

  1. Nothing to wonder here…ofcourse the very bad thing is”World has become more materialistic, none cares of nothing…ready and dare to do anything if they were paid, that too if it meet their expectation!!!”…forgetting the true fact that we came with empty hand and again we will go with empty hand…But still life after our last breath in this world is possible…if u live true to urself which is most difficult again 🙂

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