Love Me

🙂 What an irony I am back on this to write about love again.

Again today a friend and well wisher have prayed in temple for me. Instead of asking for good health, wealth or brain, she has asked God to make be believe in love. With this prayer there are many hands and heart that have till now prayed for me and in their prayer they have asked God to bless me with “love” and make me believe in love. I sincerely thank all those hearts and hands who raised for prayer. I sincerely pray God to bless you all with happiness, peace and prosperity.

I am not writing this post to thank you all or pray for you all. But want to ask you all a question. What is LOVE?

One gentleman gave me a movie called “hal-e-dil” nice movie. One lady gave me an example of a person who has expressed his love. Another lady told her love story and one lady told how she would like to fall in love all over again and how she lost her love, all this continued….. So I decided to watch movies. I saw few movies where they show love. I listened all those who say they love someone or in love.

One thing was common, either of them was good looking, cute and smart or both were smart, either of them was poor or both were poor or rich. They met each other, fought over various issues, then realized that they want to live with each other and they thought they are in love and then they either married or had physical relationship. Spent time and then separated or in some cases lived with each other as they had no choice.

The common part was to get into physical relationship, which they termed as love. What is love? Is it getting in to physical relationship or marrying a person who is rich or who is smart or good looking?

It was very strange to know that they believed that physical relationship is the most important part of their life(love life). “Physical Relationship” for a common man is a game of maximum 5 minutes but is a yoga. How can this a game of 5 minutes be love, which is deep like ocean, wast like sky and purest of all pure things? I feel like it is a sickness to term kissing or getting involved in game of 5 minute as love. To such people I want to ask a question, prostitutes play this 5 minute game, can you say that they sell love? Let me put in better words, can you say that they reduce your burden of pockets by giving you love?

If this is love then I am really thankful to God that he has not given me anyone whom i love. Thank you God for you have not given me faith in such love.

Love brings two soul together, love teaches you to be cool, calm, patience, fight. When you love someone you would like to walk in moon light, rain, sun, hold hands of other to enjoy morning star, evening sky, sunset and every element of nature. You get someone with whom you share your smile, tears and ups-downs of life. In summary love is uniting together to share strengths and face the challenges of life. But when physical relationship is in the center of love or when physical relationship wears face of love, I believe it is not love but an ugly hunger for body.

I referred physical relationship as yoga above. Yes, it is a yoga. No one would have observed this. In yoga, person will be taught to control his breath (vyau) in their body. The two people involved in physical relationship unconsciously enters into yoga. They unknowingly start controlling their breath, centralize their energies in one center. As they are not Excellent Practitioner of Yoga they are not able to keep that energy centralized at one point for long time. I am sure all of them would never observed that for one second they feel so relaxed, peaceful and calm that all their issues in their brain and heart would come to an end. And for sure they would not have noticed that their body gets filled with fresh energy.  After coming out of this yoga they feel very good or relaxed and most time they feel sleepy. The reason is all their senses have released tensions or exertions it was into. Everything within them have become peaceful and their unconscious mind takes them to a new world where they can find eternal peace. But their conscious mind is not able to walk with that unconscious mind.

To me both Love and Physical Relationship is like worshiping God. And when sick people make Physical Relationship as the center of love then I feel pity on them. To them I want to ask one more question, What do you find to good in this bag of skin filled with bones and muscles which will loose its beauty and strength one day. What do you find to attractive in this bag which will leave you. And most important which is not yours? 🙂

Yes, if i take base of the theory of re-incarnation then this bag of skin filled with bones and muscles is just a vessel which is being used by thoughts to accomplish their tasks.

To those for whom physical pleasure is love, I can just pray for you, you are running behind “kasturi” which you could have got if you would have understood that playing with body is not love.


5 comments on “Love Me

  1. Yes, the Topic of LOVE is as fresh & as old all the time.

    I really agree to some of your points because i can see so many people around me just messing up the word of “love” in their life.

    GOD has given us so beautiful life, with lots of love in it. Today we are buying everything at the cost of money, but had we ever thought we can bring lots of love in our life with money. So money matter excluded, but yet there is something to suffer i.e. problems, fights, aggression, ego. We have to realize that if there are bad thing, then the counterpart does exist and same thing for love also.

    If love is there, then only the other part exist. So if we believe in wrong, then have to agree to the right also. So i think love exist and there is no definition. You can relate most of the small but beautiful things in your life as love. People expects love to be in big gift wrap always, but it can so easy and effortless & a small one to show the love you have or feel the love someone have for you. Try to find the positive area of love in your life.

    Beauty,Money, Physical Relation are the aliases of love in todays world, but it doesnt actually is. Where there is true love, the rest cannot harm you in anyways because you see beauty in the one you love and Money gives you possession but lovers possession is above all, and yes, physical relation will lead you to god if you if the two are in true love.

    Anyways, its really nice to read your post.

    Remember, Lot of Love is AVAILABLE for FREE.

    So SPREAD LOVE, the counterpart will decrease

    • Thanks a lot Kiran for your valuable comments. Thanks for your support.
      Yes, i could have included matters like ego, anger, possession, issues of life etc. but I had focused on Physical Relationship, which is termed as love.
      Very true that where there is darkness there will be light. You are not able to define love as it is formless, like an air, sky, water. You give water a form when you store it in some container. Same way you give love a shape by putting it in a container called relationship. Relationship have its boundaries defined and so it bounds love.

      I don’t believe in love which is bound only and only in the boundaries of Physical Relationship or Money or Beauty or Attraction or Infatuation. When I asked those who say they are in love, why you love your better half they ended up telling that she looks beautiful or she is good or she can be a material which my parents would like to have in family or he is smart or he is earning good or he is macho or he is blah blah…. Can you give reason why you love your mom? Though it is just an affection. If viewed in other sense.

      With all this I just want to tell my friends that love is blessings of God. It is to be used for the well being of humanity not the pleasure of your body or mind.

      Dear, True Love is Free of Ego, Anger, Frustration, Possession, etc, Price Less and is not at all another name of Physical Relationship.

  2. I see a swing between love lust pleasure and attached. What I would like to say Love is not a thing which could be bound in words and we are so small to define such a big thing.

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