A letter to Mother

My Dear Mummy,

:O I was thinking a lot but was not able to find a word to address mother in my small dictionary. Every word sound formal and I know you are special but i am unable to get special word. Ah!!! 😦 all my studies is waste, which never taught me to address mother with affection.

But mom, dear mum you know everything. You know my feelings for you, you know how much i love you, how much i admire you and how much i care for you. You know how much warm i feel in your arms and how much comfortable i feel in your lap when you nurse my wounds. You know how sound i sleep when you pat me and how eager i am to eat dishes cooked by you. You know how safe i feel besides you, you know how fear feels fear of me when i hug you tightly if fear comes near me. You know when you scold me for my misbehavior how much i loved to tease you, how much i enjoyed to wear your footwear, sari and bow. You know how much i enjoyed mimicking you, how much i enjoyed roaming behind you holding pallu of your sari. You know how much i enjoyed studying with you and demanding favorite toys, cloths, money for movie or party. You know how much comfortable sharing secrets.

But Mom didn’t I tell you I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE IN THIS WORLD. oopsss…. 🙂 you know what I mean. YOU ARE MY WORLD.

After marriage when girl leaves house of parents she realizes importance of Mother in her life. Mom always pampers her, cooks food for her, shares secret, health issues, issues with friends, studies and lots of things. Which she will no more be able to share. She will no more be able to enjoy sleep when sick or favorite movie at the time of cooking.

When such girl lives away from mom for few days, her heart will ask, why don’t you call me? why don’t you fight with Dad to bring me back home? why don’t you check me, whether I have ate food, whether I have slept well? This whole new house, new culture scares me, I am all alone here. I need you to listen me, talk to me. I want your lap to rest, when i have headache.

And did I tell you I cooked new sweet dish and want you to taste it. Did I tell you I wear new dress which we had bought before wedding and I want you to see how that dress looks on me.

Her heart would be worried when she will find her mom is sick. And her heart would say, call me to serve you, I want to care of you. How will you get off the bed? I will bring food for you in bed and make you feel comfortable. Why don’t you call me? Don’t you need me now? Can this relationship break with that small ritual around fire?



One comment on “A letter to Mother

  1. Yes, you cant find any word for her in the dictionary nor did in any school or college because even GOD cant define the best creation of his.

    Some of the sacrifices made by mother are the only known ones, rest we cant think of the limit she can go for us. We should always be thankful to GOD for giving us his best gift and should learn to treasure our gift.

    You know, she wont ask for big things, she will be happy if we will let her know that how wonderful she is, how much she had cared for us. We can make her feel happy as many times and every moment we can think of she will be happy and thats the only way she will be valued.

    Lot of things coming in mind as you have evoked by this post.
    Will get back to you. keep up the spirit.

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