Papa/ Daddy/Pa…. a small word for one who protects you and nourish your life. A small word for a man like coconut.

Some days back a friend of mine told, “baap e baap , bija badha jungle na saap!“, meaning “father is father, all others are snakes of jungle (they cant be found easily)” or shall I say,  a father is a father on one can be compared with him, no one can take place of his.

Today I was sitting idle watching a nest. Mother had lay there eggs. Both male bird and female bird watching nest and eggs in it. Suddenly there came another bird and male bird started fighting with that newly arrived. Female bird shouting to call other for help and protecting eggs. I saw male bird was alone may be he had fear of death but still he was fighting to protect his family. I help him by showing my presence to that new arrived. That newly arrived went far away and again that couple was sitting watching nest and eggs.

With this a thought came to my mind. Isn’t our Dad do the same? They work hard in their job to meet our demands, to bring food for us, to give us good education and good life. They burn their blood out in their job or business for family and kids. And if on someone will come scolding us he will stand besides us to fight with them, though he know, we are at fault but he will protect us. If we can’t tell something to our Mother we can for sure go and tell that to out Dad.

I try to imagine the face of a new father. A boy till some time back would be enjoying night outs with friends in movies, bar/disco, snacks at road side stalls and watching the girls passing though the lane near “Pan House”, becomes mature when married. He thinks it is his responsibility to keep his wife happy, safe and will always be ready to protect her. And when such person becomes Dad, he might be into a different world. The feeling of joy and responsibility would stroll over him. I believe like woman, he would be feeling that he has become man now.

When for the first time he would take his child in his arms, I am sure he would feel proud to be complete man. Men don’t express themselves much. But I am sure when they would be watching their child grow, they would be dreaming their child to become famous like them or will dream of the day when they will step-into their shoes.

He will play cricket with you, carry you on his shoulder to park, bring chocolates for you and play games with you. He may not be feeling you growing inside his body but he would be feeling you growing in his mind. His mind would calculate all what you will need in future and present along with ways to fulfill your demands/wish/dream.

Mother would be worried if you don’t eat properly, father too would be worried but he would also be worried if you don’t do good in exams. It is not that mother will not be worried but there are certain feminine feeling and masculine feeling which will always be found in parents in various ratios. Generally we say, daughter love their father and son love their mother but i believe child’s childhood and life is incomplete without parents.

Dad will teach you technical know-hows of the world, if you will ask him question about cricket, car, politics, economics, he will explain you in all details, but if you ask him about kitchen, he would say, “go and ask your Mom”. Mothers would tell you about religion, philosophy of life, keep room clean and teach you manners. Dad will teach you how to be strong.

There is no words to express Dad. After all what I wrote, I feel still I don’t have proper words to express Dad, position of Dad in life. I feel all what he spent on my degrees and education is waste, which have not taught me words to express Dad, write about his position. It is Dad who had always shadowed us, protected against evils of society. A proud Dad can show how he was standing as pillar behind his daughter, Sunitha Williams, Kalpna Chawla.

पा तुझे सलाम!

Thousands of Salute to Pa!



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