An Unanswered Complain

I had been writing about Mother and Father in this blog since last few days. I believe this relationship is very precious in the is world. If you say, God creates us, then Mother and Father creates us, so I would say they are God. A Mother gives you all warmth and love in her womb, in her arms, she nourishes you and teaches you manners. She makes you human being. Father feeds you, gives you identity in society, gives you education and teaches you to be in respectable position in your life. Without them your life will be like a leaf which wonders here and there in wind.

This poem was taught us as prayer when we were in school. But after completing school we forgot all these and became busy in the race of earning money.

God have give us powers – to think and to speak. Our brain is developed then other species on earth. But some where we fail to prove that we are best creation of God. There are number of old-age homes and retirement homes increasing day-by-day in India. Since years we had families living in India. But since a decade old age homes have mushroomed.  Some families may not have Son to take care of them when they go old, so they think they go to such old age homes. But those who have son and family, why are they forced to go to old age homes?

The old issue of women, both women fight for their share in their home and then old people are left alone in home.  Adjustment is required from both the side.

Second issue is flying abroad. In the urge to earn money they leave parents back home alone. Yes, money is important to live life. But money is not life. Your parents would have done the same with you, they could have left you in orphanage and would have gone abroad to earn or would have chosen to enjoy their life. They spared their time to enjoy just to bring you up. They spared their parties just because you were studying and you they felt need to be with you. Due to promotion, your Mother and Dad would have decided to live apart from each other just because you were studying. You needed a base, you needed a steady education.

Third by choice, I don’t understand why parents chose to live alone or go to such homes when their kids say we will be with you. There is a fear that the new comer will not be able to do what they were expecting. Ofcourse, there is a difference between the culture of new comer and your house. But it is not that big which couldn’t be over come. When people use to live in joint families they would have been compromising and co-operating with each other to be under one roof. Why can’t we do this today? Why we say, it is the duty of new comer to do this and that? or I can’t do this, this is beyond my limits? Limits are set by an individual himself/herself. Limits are boundaries of thinking, co-operation, willingness to change. No one is perfect, everyone needs some changes. With little co-operation and patience you can change other or you can get desired out put.

It is the responsibility to youngsters to compromise with their enjoyment and be with their elders to spend time with them. Many people say to me you don’t go out and enjoy your life. You don’t know how to enjoy life. I don’t answer them back. Yes, I don’t go out for so called enjoyment, I stay back with my parents. As during week days I spend time working whole day and evening doing some or the other work. But at weekend I stay with them, to help mother keep house clean, to seat with them, though no word being uttered between us, I can feel that they think they have someone around them to be with them. Isn’t it better than jumping in bar/pub or watching movie? I know they expect me to with them at lunch and dinner on weekends and so I avoid eating out with friends. I can see just eating with them, I would have made 10 gm of blood but they would have made 100 gm of blood. It will not be too much if I say that just one weekend would have added 7 more days in their life.

Spending a smallest moment with them, cheering with them, talking with them gives them energy. Make them feel like alive. Can’t we do this small thing for them after all they have given us life and reason to live? Aren’t they important then friends, movies, bars/pubs, date and all such things?

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