A Window

I have got a new friend in my life.

🙂 A window.

I am not crazy, i have got a new friend, a window.

One morning i was sitting on my desk in office, suddenly i took a note of window, window is very closely related to me. Be it home or office or train or bus or aircraft, i have always got seat near window. Even I love seat near window.

That morning a thought ran my mind, lets make this window friend. The sooner I lent my hand to this window, it readily became my friend and with joy told me, “I am with you to bring options/opportunities in life. Keep me always open and see how I bring opportunities for you.”

Hey! window, I thank you for being there. I am sure you will always bring opportunities for every challenges. I am sure you will bring good news with the blowing breeze. I know you will never leave me. I thank you for being with me all the time. When I was sad you have brought chirping birds and soothing breeze. You have given me a view of beautiful world and a life filled with hope.

I want to pay tribute

After many days, i have been back here to post. One thing kept me awake to write this post in this chilly night.

Yes, my colleague’s act today made me think whole day and my heart wish to pay tribute to her.

She donated her blood early in this chilly morning and came to office. Hats off to you Alta Das. Though people made fun of your act I pay tribute to your act. I sincerely bow my head to your act.

She would be between 25-28 years, a sober face with smile on face. She does her work with all her attention. She is in QA department and I am in BA department. I communicate with her in breaks. She is good in dealing with people and communication.

At this age she understands her responsibility towards society and donates blood.

With this post I want people to take illustration and contribute towards society. Do whatever you can do for your society, donate blood, serve needy people, serve old aged people, help orphans.