A Window

I have got a new friend in my life.

🙂 A window.

I am not crazy, i have got a new friend, a window.

One morning i was sitting on my desk in office, suddenly i took a note of window, window is very closely related to me. Be it home or office or train or bus or aircraft, i have always got seat near window. Even I love seat near window.

That morning a thought ran my mind, lets make this window friend. The sooner I lent my hand to this window, it readily became my friend and with joy told me, “I am with you to bring options/opportunities in life. Keep me always open and see how I bring opportunities for you.”

Hey! window, I thank you for being there. I am sure you will always bring opportunities for every challenges. I am sure you will bring good news with the blowing breeze. I know you will never leave me. I thank you for being with me all the time. When I was sad you have brought chirping birds and soothing breeze. You have given me a view of beautiful world and a life filled with hope.


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