Maya Mari Na Man Mara

Maya Mari Na Man Mara, Mar Mar Gaye Shareer
Asha Trishna Na Mari, Keh Gaye Das Kabir


Neither illusion nor the mind, only bodies attained death
Hope and delusion did not die, so Kabir said.


These lines of Kabirji have influenced me. “Maya” word carries a vast meaning in itself. I had tried to observe how we become “slave” of “Maya”. From the very first moment of coming into this world, “Maya” tries each and every thing to keep us attached with this world. First thing that we learn through the influence of “Maya” is  love and affection towards mother. We start recognizing her touch and our heart always finds the same warmth in all other touch. What a magical spell “maya” plays on us!!!

As we grow old, we go deep into all sorts of pleasures, materialist or immaterial items and events. A desire to have car, lavish life is a game or spell of “maya” to keep oneself busy in this world. “Maya” to make successful her game takes help of “heart” (Man). Even though body is at the verge to perish, heart filled with “maya” will always divert mind from correct path.

“asha” and “trishna” are child of “maya”.  To keep you busy “maya” will use traps of “asha” and “trishna”. If you look closely during your day to day activities, you would find yourself trapped in various desire, desire to be rich, desire to eat good food, wear costly branded clothes, drive lavish car, etc. This desire can be to eat on road side stalls and to seat and watch stars.

Wish to have something is good but when this desire grows its roots deep, it is bad. At the age when one should spend time chanting name of God people spend time counting money or chatting about others life or nourishing their lust. All these keep you busy and dont let you reach to the ultimate goal of your life.

When will you wake up?

Though this blog is related to Gita, Krishna and topics related to them, I could not find place in other blogs to put this post, so it is here.

Yes, When will you wake up? Isn’t it high time?

Couple of days I read that Arushi has not yet got justice there are many such cases which are waiting for justice. All the time any such case comes, many come out to wake up people to raise their voice for justice. After few cries and few messages, mails and articles people again go to bed.

Some what similar message was given in cinema last week. An old case was being taken into account where family members struggle for justice.

When will we wake up from this sleep? We are so self centered that we don’t even dare to think one day same could happen with us or our nearones. Why efforts would have to be made to wake up people? And why do they sleep again?

I am surprised when I hear a father killed his child or a mother killed her child. Someone being killed for money or dowry or some reason.  Life is so cheap. And we have lost feelings. We have lost feelings for people around us. We just want to be on top, we want money, fame and name but for that we forget to notice who many debris we have placed under our feet to reach there.

Can’t we have a system where we can ask judge of any court about the status of any case? Cant we ask Government status of any case? Cant there be system where such delicate cases run on priority and if required on fast track automatically?

When will we wake up for our rights, for our duties and for our work?

Tears of Innocent Eyes

In the last week of December 2010, I happen to see a little boy crying, his tears caught my attention. One person near me told, he was crying because his father came to take his custody.

Isn’t it irony? A child crying to go with dad. He was so scarred as if dad was going to kill him or he is a dangerous person. The story i heard from that person was, both husband and wife got separated from each other and this little kid was living with his grandma. He has not seen his father like others see their father. Now when he learned about father, he learned he will not be living with his father. Today he was not able to leave that secure lap of grandma and go with father. He was happy with grandma and mother.

People marry but either cheat while marrying or after marriage or fighting for money they get separated. And their kids tolerate punishment of separation.

What was that kids fault? Those tears in his eyes had lot of questions, why i was not given childhood like other children? why can’t I have parents? where is security of life and that too childhood?

Many say that today people have lost tolerance which is required to maintain marriage. But they have not defined what is the limit of tolerance? what should one tolerate and what one should not?