Tears of Innocent Eyes

In the last week of December 2010, I happen to see a little boy crying, his tears caught my attention. One person near me told, he was crying because his father came to take his custody.

Isn’t it irony? A child crying to go with dad. He was so scarred as if dad was going to kill him or he is a dangerous person. The story i heard from that person was, both husband and wife got separated from each other and this little kid was living with his grandma. He has not seen his father like others see their father. Now when he learned about father, he learned he will not be living with his father. Today he was not able to leave that secure lap of grandma and go with father. He was happy with grandma and mother.

People marry but either cheat while marrying or after marriage or fighting for money they get separated. And their kids tolerate punishment of separation.

What was that kids fault? Those tears in his eyes had lot of questions, why i was not given childhood like other children? why can’t I have parents? where is security of life and that too childhood?

Many say that today people have lost tolerance which is required to maintain marriage. But they have not defined what is the limit of tolerance? what should one tolerate and what one should not?


One comment on “Tears of Innocent Eyes

  1. where u used the word ‘tolerance’ i prefer to use ‘sacrifice’….. sacrifice is the most important thing in a relation… be it husband-wife, brother-sister, brother-brother, frnds or any other. Sacrifice is the key to a healthy relationship…..And sacrifice has no limit.

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