When will you wake up?

Though this blog is related to Gita, Krishna and topics related to them, I could not find place in other blogs to put this post, so it is here.

Yes, When will you wake up? Isn’t it high time?

Couple of days I read that Arushi has not yet got justice there are many such cases which are waiting for justice. All the time any such case comes, many come out to wake up people to raise their voice for justice. After few cries and few messages, mails and articles people again go to bed.

Some what similar message was given in cinema last week. An old case was being taken into account where family members struggle for justice.

When will we wake up from this sleep? We are so self centered that we don’t even dare to think one day same could happen with us or our nearones. Why efforts would have to be made to wake up people? And why do they sleep again?

I am surprised when I hear a father killed his child or a mother killed her child. Someone being killed for money or dowry or some reason.  Life is so cheap. And we have lost feelings. We have lost feelings for people around us. We just want to be on top, we want money, fame and name but for that we forget to notice who many debris we have placed under our feet to reach there.

Can’t we have a system where we can ask judge of any court about the status of any case? Cant we ask Government status of any case? Cant there be system where such delicate cases run on priority and if required on fast track automatically?

When will we wake up for our rights, for our duties and for our work?


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