Maya Mari Na Man Mara

Maya Mari Na Man Mara, Mar Mar Gaye Shareer
Asha Trishna Na Mari, Keh Gaye Das Kabir


Neither illusion nor the mind, only bodies attained death
Hope and delusion did not die, so Kabir said.


These lines of Kabirji have influenced me. “Maya” word carries a vast meaning in itself. I had tried to observe how we become “slave” of “Maya”. From the very first moment of coming into this world, “Maya” tries each and every thing to keep us attached with this world. First thing that we learn through the influence of “Maya” is  love and affection towards mother. We start recognizing her touch and our heart always finds the same warmth in all other touch. What a magical spell “maya” plays on us!!!

As we grow old, we go deep into all sorts of pleasures, materialist or immaterial items and events. A desire to have car, lavish life is a game or spell of “maya” to keep oneself busy in this world. “Maya” to make successful her game takes help of “heart” (Man). Even though body is at the verge to perish, heart filled with “maya” will always divert mind from correct path.

“asha” and “trishna” are child of “maya”.  To keep you busy “maya” will use traps of “asha” and “trishna”. If you look closely during your day to day activities, you would find yourself trapped in various desire, desire to be rich, desire to eat good food, wear costly branded clothes, drive lavish car, etc. This desire can be to eat on road side stalls and to seat and watch stars.

Wish to have something is good but when this desire grows its roots deep, it is bad. At the age when one should spend time chanting name of God people spend time counting money or chatting about others life or nourishing their lust. All these keep you busy and dont let you reach to the ultimate goal of your life.


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