Anti-Ageing facepack

All most all want to be young forever, no one wants his skin show sings of age.

I don’t commit to give you some famous brand of cream, suggest some face treatment. What ever I am listing in this post is an old age formula to keep skin healthy and young.


Take 1 – 1/2 spoon honey (pure) with 1/7 spoon of turmeric. Mix properly.

Apply on face with finger. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and wash face with water.

Note Initially your face will be yellow due to turmeric but within 15-20 days you will find a glow on your face and your skin will become young.


It is said honey is anti-ageing agent. Turmeric kills worms, removes infection and fights against dirt that make your skin poor.

Caution: Don’t use too much of turmeric and don’t fall asleep after applying pack. If the past is thin keep protection on your clothes.

Suggestion:: You can mix 1 drop or 2 drops of lemon juice but dont let paste get thin.


Are we really independent

Around the community all wished each other happy independence. Its 60 years but still I dont think we are independent.  To me independence is not being having independent government but having independent mind, soul, act and independent oneself. To me independence is speaking without fear, speaking truth, doing things to please soul not others, thoughts should not be influenced by others.

But these days few things found place on my notebook. Scribbles on this notebook says people bow their heads to get benefit. Employee bow head in front of his employer to keep on working instead of showing his ability in work. People flaunt others to get benefit. All such things in fear of insecurity. They change their words to please others or to be secure. Can such minds celebrate independence?

To get good marks parents give money and make marksheet as their wish. To get some minor benefits people bribe. People break traffic signal, when caught say “what should i pay you to let me go?” No shame, no guilt. No burning sensation when tasks are pending. Instead ask sincere people to come late to office, keep tasks pending and change their working style. Can we say such people independent?


What was the dream of people who fought for freedom, who died for freedom? If all those who died for the sake of freedom would be alive today they would have preferred to die with shame.