Anti-Ageing facepack

All most all want to be young forever, no one wants his skin show sings of age.

I don’t commit to give you some famous brand of cream, suggest some face treatment. What ever I am listing in this post is an old age formula to keep skin healthy and young.


Take 1 – 1/2 spoon honey (pure) with 1/7 spoon of turmeric. Mix properly.

Apply on face with finger. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and wash face with water.

Note Initially your face will be yellow due to turmeric but within 15-20 days you will find a glow on your face and your skin will become young.


It is said honey is anti-ageing agent. Turmeric kills worms, removes infection and fights against dirt that make your skin poor.

Caution: Don’t use too much of turmeric and don’t fall asleep after applying pack. If the past is thin keep protection on your clothes.

Suggestion:: You can mix 1 drop or 2 drops of lemon juice but dont let paste get thin.



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