Who is best?

A simple human tendency is to compare and find “who is best?”. This comparison is always quantitative. Which is never beneficial to anyone. But I happen to come across a question many a times by now, it was “who is best amongst the one who carve for lust and the one who carve for materialist pleasure?”

According to me neither of them are best but I agree with Krishna’s words, “i am in physical relationship”. Yes, he is in physical relationship because it binds two bodies sync two hearts and unites energies within body atleast for few seconds or minutes. If the intention is divine, Krishna accepts it, it becomes offering to him.(more on this on another topic)

If I take base of his such words then the one who carve for lust is better than the one who carve for materialist pleasure (land, jewelery, money) because attachment towards land or money or jewelery makes one possessive, this person doesn’t know how to share with others.

I remember in school one of our teacher was a freedom fighter who use to tell us what is in money/land it will never give you happiness. You can buy bread with money but not satisfaction that you get after eating or hunger to eat it. She use to tell us love is not in body but in your feelings. If you offer someone coming to your house whom you dont know much water and food then it is your love.

I observed one thing when someone whom you know a bit or know a lot visits your place when you offer water, food and comfort your intention is to give happiness to that visitor. And when you want to make happy other you in a way show your love or affection.