Stay away from Sun Stroke

Summer is back and temperature is raising day by day. Every year temperature and humidity is more than the previous year.

There are very simple ways to keep yourself safe from sun stroke

1) Eat Sweet Balls made of Gram (Sattu)

2) Take Onion in lunch after lunch you can take a piece of jaggery to avoid smell of onion.

3) Soak the powder of neem leaves in water and bath with this water.

These are some of the ways to save yourself from sun stroke.

Anna Hazare’s fast unto death for Jan Lokpal Bill

My all other blogs including this blog will have this post posted on them. Though this blog is weaved around Gita and religious books. I couldn’t stop posting this post here as I think the topic is very important to citizens and people around the globe.

Anna Hazare (Kishan Baburao Hazare) a 71 year old politician came into light when he started fasting on 5th of April 2011. Looking at his face I felt Sastriji have taken birth again.

I salute this elderly person for his act. There are corers of people in India, many NGOs, many social workers but all revolving around money and fame. I have seen many NGOs taking place just to attract foreign investors, get money and show off in society they do something for needy people. But when you ask them to really do some thing for needy they will choose some easy task and turn off their ears from real work.

This 71 year old person proved that youngster failed to vein their responsibility. 80-90 percent of youngster would waste time in looking features of either sex, patting their skin with costly cosmetic products and costly clothes.

All of us are busy today in a race, a race to get highest score in school and board exam, earn bag full of money each month, live lavish life and cursing either Government for poor roads, electricity supply, water, health care facilities, jobs or cursing boss, wife, husband, in-laws, neighbors, co-workers, etc. But we hardly take time to look at ourselves, what we are? what we are doing? Why we are on this earth?

While reading Gita many a times I have heard Gita whispering in my ears, “you are made human because you have to do good to others, do good for others“. This 71 year old person with his act reminded me of these words.

In past few months I had to travel a lot. In journey of 28 hours I happen observe a lot of different people but they have common topic to discuss, “Government”, either they will blame or curse Government. But none would show what their responsibility is. They will make mess of the place where they are sitting and then go away. Did government tell them to make mess there? I believe “no” but still why to blame government for mess?

Corruption started when we began corruption. I remember when i was in marketing, people use to share their company projects with fellow marketing people and show their power. What a great way!!!! I remember I felt very bad when I had to repeat practical exam just due to lack of guidance and others passed because they had got project done from others or they had some or the other relations with professor. Degrees are sold. Parents call some agent and say, “my child has just appeared in exam and we doubt about success, you say how much you will take to get this paper cleared?” Why don’t we have a stall or lorry where certificates are sold in some X rupees? These parents would then curse teachers and education system.

I feel shame I am part of youngsters who just can blog or sms or poll but cant stand out in street to fight.

Annaji thanks for teaching us how to fight. Hope instead of mugging up history, mathematics formulas, physics, chemistry, we would be taught to fight, taught to speak truth and be loyal.