Who should get place in heaven

There were 4 people standing in queue at the gate of heaven
God asked first “why you think you should be allowed in heaven?”
First Person: “I was labourer and use to work hard whole day in all seasons. Because of my labour people were able to walk on good roads and live in cosy house”

God asked second “why you think you should be allowed in heaven?”
Second Person: “I was suage cleaner and use to submerge myself in dirty place to keep mess clean. I was made to carry mess on head.”

God asked third “why you think you should be allowed in heaven?”
Third Person: “I was cook in a famous restaurant, i have pleased number of hearts with my tasty food and have satisfied hunger of number of people.”

God asked fourth “why you think you should be allowed in heaven?”
Fourth Person: “God you are great and I bow to you, I am not here to claim for place in heaven but i want to request you to give me some space where my existence will be accepted, respected and honoured. The day my parents knew that i am in the womb they became unhappy, upon my birth grand parents were highly disappointed and never showered their love, on becoming young i was always tried to make a traget of hungry eyes, on getting married i was bitten for money, starved for food and burnt….”

God “Stop….. Stop…. Please Stop….. you should get a peaceful place in heaven where you wil get all what you want.”

We celebrate women day, mother day and such day masked on every day and mask party atmosphere on every poor attitude towards women.

We worship women in temples but at home treat her either as a bed sheet or substance to decorate house. This woman is equally important in a man’s life as food, water and cloth.

She gives space to man in womb, tolerates pain to give birth and bring up man but in return she is treated as a substance to satisfy physical need, show off in society as a pride substance, a free servant who will do all chores of man with either empty stomach or half filled stomach and in return listen poor things from family members.

It is not so that only men are responsible for all this but women is equally important. Mother-in-law never think she is a woman and she too had mother-in-law.

How can i forget the lady who complained about misbehavior against her. Some times such ladies are also very expert in drama. They in either their ego or laziness blame others to gather sympathy.

But yes, one thing is true, women is not safe in hand which she creates tolerating pain. Thousands of eyes dont give respect to women and many hands dont feel poor in disrespecting women. Can such a rotten society stand more?


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