Lesson from Rain

Lesson from Rain: Keep your heart clean as you keep your body clean.

Its raining at my place since last 10-12 days. I was watching dark clouds hiding sun behind them. Suddenly dark clouds started pouring water down the streets. The water running down the street taught me a lesson, “always keep your heart clean as you keep your body clean”.

Every day we put efforts to clean our body but we hardly think of cleaning our heart. We have lot of dirt in our heart for others. Some think they are best and so feel jealous, some play tricks to get their benefit, some want more money, position and property and so take all fair and unfair means. We have dirt for others who are of different cast, religion and creed. Just for small benefit and ego we hurt people, we insult others and do many things which if we think upon can make us feel shame.

Rain clean dirt from roofs, street, leaves and give birth to new life. If we clean our heart, we will also be able to give birth to new life, new thoughts and new ideas. Lets wash our hearts.


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