I became rich

Today I became rich. I earned a good value today which added to the wealth I had.

Some years back I earned first chunk of value when a young girl wrote a letter expressing her apologies, apologies for she used words against me. She remembered my efforts to stop her from getting involved with a person who had no daring to stand with her in front of her parents.

I earned when a person quit smoking after trying for 15 years and gave credit to me.

I earned when a person blessed me and a person thanked me for helping them reach their destination.

I earned when team who was against me accepted me

I earned when i got standing ovation for my project

I earned when i was able to stand in front of 40 people having 15+ years experience and was able to speak without forgetting points.

Now I earned when my team leader was happy with my work.


All these satisfaction, blessings make me wealthy.


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