Bhagavad Puran

Finally After a month I am back here to write.

It is a month long time I was away from all my activities of writing and reading newspapers, articles. My focus was only Bhagavad Puran. I always wanted to read old literature and books. I am curious about Puran. I got few Puran names and then came a question from them whom to read first. The affection for Krishna made me read Bhagavad Puran.

While reading the first chapter I fell in love with the Puran. My temptation to read increased. I wished to keep all the things aside and read it. In some chapters I feel like skipping it and in some chapters I feel like how is it possible that narrate events which was going to happen. The most interesting part was the first part and the conversation of Krishna with Odhav before Krishna was going to leave earth. The total 18000 shloka (verses) caste a bond on mind and thoughts.

I will try my level best to stay away commenting on verses as I believe I am not such a knowledgeable person who can comment on what is written in those verses.

While reading Puran I thought to implement whatever I can from that puran in day to day life. So in all the upcoming posts I would narrate my experience with Puran.

With this note one interesting thing that I would like to share here is, I use to think Puran tells stories about incarnation of God and various forms but when I read Bhagavad Puran I realized it is not just the story of incarnation of God but each chapter and each verse teach a lesson. A lesson to be a human being, not to be cunning, a lesson to view world, events, happiness and sorrow.


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