Bhagavad Puran- Chapter 1

Bhagavad Puran divides 18000 shloka (verses) into 12 adhyaya each adhyaya contains chapters.

Its first chapter of first dhyaya where Naradji meets Bhakti and answers her question “why she is young and her two son is aged and daisy?”

This chapter gives the picture of current situation, people sell moral, knowledge for money and women body to earn money or for enjoyment. He was not getting eternal happiness even though he visited “Puskar”, “Haridwar” etc. He meets Bhakti who introduces herself as

Bhakti: “Gayan and Vayragya are her son, Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri are serving her. She took birth in “Dravid desh”, brought-up in “Karnataka”, got some respect in “Maharastra” but in “Gujarat” she became aged and her sons lost their shine, glory and strength. She comes to “Vrindavana” where she becomes again a “teenager” but her sons are still in the same position. She wants to leave “Vrindavana” with her sons. But her sons are aged and the biggest pain for a mother is to see her sons “aged” while she is “young”. She asks Naradji “why is this situation?””

Naradji replies: “This is Kalyuga, devils will become happy and rich while evils will become poor and unhappy. Evils will face lot of pain. Patience is the only solution to this situation. In this place you became “teenager” as people here are giving respect to “bhakti” but no one is giving importance to your sons so they are still “aged” but they feel soothing here in “Vrindavana” and so they are daisy. When Krishna left earth, “Truth” like values left earth and went with him and so everything have just become meaningless. People have lost the meaning and essence of “Kata”, “Gyana”. People are just involved in re-production. People have lost the meaning and essence of “Moksha”.


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