Bhagavad Puran – Chapter 2, 3

Bhakti requested Naradji to find some solution for her situation. Naradji thought and discussed Bhakti’s concern with many learned but none had concrete solution. One learned suggested Naradji to perform “Saptah parayan” of “Bhagavad Puran’ on the bank of Ganga in Haridwar.

Naradji followed suggestion and went to suggested “Anand Ghat” in Haridwar. Folks from all forms of society, religions and gender came to listen the words of Naradji. As Naradji started “Bhagavad Katha”, Bhakti came with her two sons. Bhakti and her sons (gyana, Vairagya) became young. As Katha proceeded their conditions improved.

By the end of the Katha “Shutji” arrived and narrated the importance of Bhagavad Puran. But only listening or reading is not important, one should apply brain and implement lessons in life. Bhakti will in its youth will come from the meaning of Katha and will reside in its youth form in the heart of Bhagavad lovers and Vaishnava.