Ram and Sita Dissociation

I happen to view Ramanda Sagar’s production house creation “Ramayana”. This piece of art is so beautifully created that it attracts hearts and attention even after years.

The narration of Rama’s life is such that it attracts senses and I kept on watching the narration for hours. The narration of happy marriage and 14 years exhalation from Ayodhya and the happy days of ruling in Ayodhya came the chapter where Ram and Sita dissociated.

This narration filled heart with utterly grief and pain. The whole day spent restless with the pain staggering the clamness of heart.

As a commonmen the first thought came to mind “How can Ram whom we call God do like this to Sita who is the incarnation of Lakshmi?”
He knew Sita is pure in virtue and is the first devotee of him, whose every act, heart and soul is solely dedicated to Ram, then “Why? Why? Can Ram let this happen?”
With this question came one more question, “Why didnt Sita argue, faught against the decision of dissociation?”

One answer came from within inside is, “if she would have faught it would have led to arguments and aggressivness which would have resulted in distruction. Also one of the face of a women is the satute of love, ie, mother. A mother faces all hardship with smile and gives happiness and comfort to her children.For Sita people of Ayodhya were her children, so how can she show her power and rebliate against them.” With this thought like her I can see only one option and that is “face hardship and explain with act that kids’ thoughts are wrong”.

But for Ram, my questions and thoughts remained same for few days, I was not able to think on the other side, I was not able to put myself in his shoes. Finally this thought replaced questions…
“Ram was the king, father of people of Ayodhya. People will follow his act. As a husband he knew Sita was pure in virtue but there was strong voice against her virtue in general people and people use to take example of Sita to hide deeds which was not proper. If he would put all behind bars how raised doubts against Sita then it would not be good. Those would be with Ram would also be against him and that would create choas in Ayodhya.”
This thought couple with the thought that “a person who is committed to work, dedicated to work or committed and dedicated to service towards society will only be able to take such a decision. Only such a person will be able to give importance to “Karma” against “affection” and “love””.
It is great irony that, people worship girls but they want proof her chaisty. I take is as these people by default consider men inelligible for the certificate of chaisty.

Hope one day we all learn and understand that puerity is in soul and not in the body.

Fame, Prestige and Value

This post came out of a repeated comment from wellwishers and friends. This post is answer to their comments. work is what I term karma, reason, we sustain ourselves and family with our work. If work would be good backed with truth and loyality best results will be yield. In any case one will be affected by the results of work. Ravan lost all his strength and life for his one work, with life he damaged his fame, prestige and value. God doesnt look at how many kgs or medals of fame, prestige and value one earns. So why spend time and energy in thinking about fame, prestige and value. We remember Ram and Lakshman but do we remember Bharat and worship him? One thing should be taken into note, take any big leader or famous personality’s statue, these statues are symbol of name and fame they have earned. But they are remembered twice a year otherwise they are resting destination of birds. Keeping all this aside, I just came with the fruits of my karma and will leave with the fruits of my karma keeping ALL these things behind. So just want to focus on karma and try to perform in the best possible manner.

Lesson from Summer

It is the hot summer day, the air is burning the skin. Life is exhausted.

But amidst of this atmosphere I see life blooming with fragrance. This life was soothing heart and was feast for eyes. With smile this life taught a lesson, “in the extreme heat if you maintain your patience, respect for others, love for others, you will bloom with eternal beauty and the fragrance of your deeds will sooth hearts.”