Fame, Prestige and Value

This post came out of a repeated comment from wellwishers and friends. This post is answer to their comments. work is what I term karma, reason, we sustain ourselves and family with our work. If work would be good backed with truth and loyality best results will be yield. In any case one will be affected by the results of work. Ravan lost all his strength and life for his one work, with life he damaged his fame, prestige and value. God doesnt look at how many kgs or medals of fame, prestige and value one earns. So why spend time and energy in thinking about fame, prestige and value. We remember Ram and Lakshman but do we remember Bharat and worship him? One thing should be taken into note, take any big leader or famous personality’s statue, these statues are symbol of name and fame they have earned. But they are remembered twice a year otherwise they are resting destination of birds. Keeping all this aside, I just came with the fruits of my karma and will leave with the fruits of my karma keeping ALL these things behind. So just want to focus on karma and try to perform in the best possible manner.


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