brightness at the edge

“At the edge of darkness there is light, so train your eyes to see the edge”

During discussion with team members came this statement. One argument was the edge is the END. How can it be an end? End is the state where mind stops thinking, where we stop finding ways.

A dark tunnel leads to brightness. At the entrance of tunnel there is darkness and eyes may give the illusion that there is darkness ahead. But walking ahead in the tunnel clears all illusion.

Ram was standing at the shore of ocean with Lakshman and others. All were just able to see the water. But Ram stated, “look dear, we are near to Sita, on the side of this ocean there is Sita…..”. Eyes were giving illusion that edge is where sky and water meets, END. But Ram could see the other side of that ocean, Ram could see Sita waiting for him, Ram could see the brightness.

Walking on the path of life, we find hard times, which is merely our thinking. While passing those days, we think there is no brightness. This situation will continue and we will be there forever. But I say, how is it possible? It can be possible only if we dont make any efforts to come out of it. It can be possible only if we wish to stay there forever.


It is we just train our eyes to see within limits. We forget our goals and find ourself trapped in the temporary situation. Only training eyes can help us see the brightness waiting for us outside the dark tunnel and help us see what Ram could see.


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