karma bandhan

While reading Bhagavad Purana a question came in mind, Krishna and Ram were incarnation of Sri Vishnu then why Ram had to live in forest for 14 years?, why Ram had to stay away from Sita?, why Krishna lived away from parents?, why an injury was the cause of death of Krishna?

“All is bond by Karma, this bond leads to another bond if we become servant of the bond.”

As per ram katha, a sage’s wife gave shelter to devils during war of God and devils, angry with this, Vishnu took life of her. Sage got angry and cursed Vishnu that he will take birth as man on earth and will suffer the pain of separation. Same way Krishna’s death was result of curse.

All was pre-determined, all was the result of Karma. All is having bond of Karma.

There comes a question, how can Vishnu be bond by Karma?

Followed by the answer which have words of Krishna, “No one including me can stay away from the bond of karma“. Maya, Karma are creations of vishnu. Vishnu in the form of incarnation accepts them and acts but without affection.

This was a big lesson, which is guiding me all the time to perform my duties without affection, with the feeling that i am not the “Karta”.


4 comments on “karma bandhan

  1. I never understood this thing. Krishna himself said in the bhagwad gita:

    sukha-duhkhe same krtva
    labhalabhau jayajayau
    tato yuddhaya yujyasva
    naivam papam avapsyasi

    Hence, because he was attachment-free, he should not have any sin etc. into his account. So how did he become bonded by Karma. Why did he got cursed? Does this mean that even if you are attachment-free, you are still bonded by karma?

    • To reply your questions answer,Krishna or you call him Vishnu, says, I am free from attachment “maya” “moha” and “bandhan”, yet, I am not free from the “maya” i created. This use to confuse me all the time but then I realized we get trapped of “maya” when we think its me who does everything, we start expecting results and outcomes of what we do. Thus to be away of “maya” we have to do our work our duties without attachment. The consciousness, we are not the creator of any thing and we are just performing our duties, keeps us away from “bond” of karma.

      One will never fall ill if he doesnt eat food which is not good for his health. A child will never fall while learning to walk if he is given support. All such things gives us lessons. Getting curse was just a symbol which tells us that “dont react without knowing the fact, truth”.

      Everyone has to do “Karma”, Vishnu’s Karma is to nourish and guide living being, Shiva’s Karma is to destroy evils and Brahama’s Karma is to create new life. Similarly we all are given life with a purpose, in this life we have to perform certain duties.

      Hope this answers your questions.

      • So you mean that lord vishnu himself was trapped in maya when he killed the sage’s wife?

        Krishna has said in gita that he has always done nishkaam karma. Hence, he does no sin. The question I have is what is his sin that he had so many harsh sufferings.

      • I dont mean Vishnu was trapped in maya. I mean Vishnu with his wish and willingness accepted maya. Think, if Vishnu would not kill sage’s wife, will sage get angry and say “you will have to take birth as human being and suffer from the pain of separation from your wife”. I think “NO”. Vishnu would have chosen to give back life of sage’s wife. After all he is all might God. But doing this will not serve the ultimate purpose, to each living beings to trust each other. Sita would have chosen to fight against 3-4 people who were raising questions against her purity. But she chose to be away from Ayodhya, she chose the way of peace to teach lesson. I see this all events as plan. To give reasons behind this plan, some or the other events have been related to it.
        I see love between Sita and Ram as niskaam, nirmohi love, an eternal bond where they were not physically present in Ayodhya at a given point of time, still they were able to send their feelings, wishes and positive energies to each other.

        Have you observed Krishna’s life, he was a prince but he was born in prison, he was not able to spend childhood with parents who gave him birth, he had to abduct Rukmaniji to marry her and lot more…. All this could be harsh sufferings for living beings like us. But for his it was his maya, it was his way to show us way to nishkaam karma. He use to steal butter, buttermilk but only which were to be served to kansa. After stealing, he use to distribute it to poor and hungry people. I see this act of him, as a metaphor to, raise your voice against all injustice but always keep humble approach to needy people.

        I too felt bad when Sita had to leave Ayodhya but then when I thought on it, I realized what she did was perfect. When I think upon the whole event of going Ram and Sita in forest, I dont see any more pain in it, instead I learn a lesson, God has given us the power to fight against all the evils and bad times and then remember the words of Vivekananda.

        In conclusion I would quote the words of Morari Bapu, “Dont merely listen Ram Katha, try and think on the events, as you will think on it you will learn and you will enjoy”. Also quote the words of Shukdevji from Bhagavad Purana “In this purana and katha the elements like “Chilka” “Guthali” which we remove in order to have juices, it is a complete juice without these substances and as you take in it is sweet”.

        Any questions are welcome.

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