Bhagvada Purana 18th Chapter – King Parikshit is cursed by Shringi rishi.

While reading this chapter following things came to note
1) Saint = one who remains calm and cool in all situations.
2) Hunger and Thirst can take away your knowledge. (Gyanendriya and Karmendriya can help you to liberate while the same can make you prey of Maya)
3) Face all your Karma bravely.
4) Before reacting think consequences and importance of reaction.

Plot: Parikshit when reach the ashram (hermitage) he was dying with hunger and thirst. Rishi (saint) was in samadhi (meditation), he was unaware of the presence of Parikshit. Parikshit felt insulted as no one was there to attend him, welcome him, offer him water and place to rest. Frustrated with hunger, thirst and the feeling of ignorance he leaves the ashram (hermitage). While returning he found a dead snake. He picked that with a bow and placed it around the neck of Rishi (saint). The son of Rishi (saint) playing nearby the ashram (hermitage) came to know about the incident and cursed Parikshit in anger. He returns to ashram (hermitage) and starts crying aloud. Hearing his voice the Rishi (saint) opens his eyes, finds a dead snake around his neck. Throwing the snake aside he asks the reason of crying to his son. After hearing about the whole incident from son, the Rishi (saint) replies; “Dear son, you should have not cursed King Parikshit, he is not like other kings, he cares for people living in his kingdom. You have not done well.” According to the curse the “Takshak” snake will bite king on 7th day from that incident resulting into his death.
Reply of Rishi (Saint) make me think how many times in day we being slave of our mood, nature, surroundings and incidents behave in the way we should not.
Also to reach to the mental calmness the Rishi (saint) had, we need to be surrounded with such situations.
“A lotus’s roots are in dirty water”.
Praikshit when came to know about the curse he was not sad. He gave his kingdom to his son and went to the bank of river, invited learned people to preach “Bhagavad Puran” and lessons of “Gita”. Parikshit was child when he was dying with hunger and thirst. The mental state rather gyana of both Parikshit and the Son of Rishi (saint) was same. One forgot gyana and another was learning to get gyana.